Baby poos every 5 days, on day 3 or 4 he....

...seems to be in horrible pain!! He is 10 weeks and exclusively breastfed, and will poo every 5 days, which I understand is normal so long as he has plenty of wet nappies! However, on day 3 he starts to get fratchy, screechy during feeds and up to an hour after feeds!! This continues until around day 5 when he poos and then he is fine, then everything starts again!! The HV suggested when he was 2 weeks old that he has colic so we have been using gripe water, and it is only recently that the 5 day cycle and pain begun!

So is it related? Is it colic? Or is it something unrelated to colic? My OH read that it could be silent reflux! Sometimes you can read too much - and our LO is putting on weight fine, and it doesn't happen every day or at every feed!

Is formula help matters??


  • my lo used to do this, he would't poo for a week then then he would fill about 6 nappies on a row (bf aswell). My lo had silent reflux which infant gaviscon helped, symptoms are hiccups, funny cough, lots of drooling, not liking to lie on back etc.

    Have you been to baby massage? that used to help my lo get his bowels moving, if not have a look in to it. I wouldn't have thought formula would help matters all that much, breastmilk is kinder to the tummy however it is slightly acidic to help kill harmful bacteria, I think this is why many bf babies suffer from colic/silent reflux (essentially acid indigestion!) Hope that helps a little x
  • He definitely doesnt like to be placed on his back, he cries when he is put down!! I have noticed that he has been drooling recently but I thought that this might be teething!!

    Can you buy gaviscon over the counter for babies? Or does it have to be prescribed?
  • I think for babies, its better to see either a gp or the minor ailments people at a pharmacy and get some advice from them. Some gp's will prescribe it easily, I just had a phone appointment and described the symptoms and said I thought it was silent reflux, others will need to see baby and have you explain what you think. You want to be sure as you don't want to give gaviscon unnecessarily as it makes them even more constipated. I thought lo was teething too but he's now 6 1/2 months and he has no teeth! and has stopped drooling now the reflux is better (its normally temporary)
  • Hey, gaviscon has to be prescribed, our GP wouldnt prescribe it to us because he doesn't think she has reflux because she is still gaining weight although he did say the symptoms are very similar and he could be wrong but apparantely gaviscon can give them constipation. We were advised very little you can do for colic really. We have tried gripe, infacol, colic relief, baby massage etc doesn't really help. It is horrible because she screams for hours in the evening and you cannot placate her. Boxing day night we didn't get her down until 5am. So tired!!
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