Evaporation line help!

Hi girls!

So my AF was due yesterday, I'm not worried as I only had LO in august and last month my AF was 5 days late, think my body is just getting back to normal! We are using condoms but have has some a couple of accidents!

Anyway I decided to test just invade as if I was pregnant I wouldn't want to drink tomorrow night! I POAS this morning with FMU and then the phone rang, when I returned to the test there was a very faint second pink line ( I used ASDA own brand test) because it was so faint I just assumed it was an evaporation line but I've since seen a friend who says evaporation lines are normally gray rather than pink/ blue depending on test!

Just wondered what you all thought! We would be over the moon if pregnant again which is why we are not being overly careful and was earlier than planned!

I have no idea how long line took to come up as I was on the phone for about 20 mins!




  • I think they are definitely grey although I have had a couple before where they looked like very convincing BFPs! I guess the only way you will know is if you do another one and see if it comes up in the time limit.

    Good luck chick! x
  • I don't knowwwwwwwwwwwww but do another test because I'm excited!!!!!!!! xxxxx
  • Ummmm Jason is the product of a feint pink line that came up on an Asda test 30 mins after peeing on it!!!!!!!! Test again!!!! test again!!!!H
  • Ta ladies!

    I'm still convinced it's a evaporation line but a small part of me can't help but wonder!

    Faithie - can you remember how many days after AF was due you got a faint positive?


  • a line is a line if it's the colour it's supposed to be. an evap wouldnt be pink. if its clearly pink, and you can see it without holing it up to the light ect, then id say positive! image
  • I'd be careful about reading the result for longer than the time stated. Sure I read somewhere that after 10mins or something it can give a false reading?

    Test again. Hope you get the answer you want image

  • I did something similar when I suspected I was pregnant with Cam. Did the test, checked it after two minutes and there was nothing so hopped in the shower. Got out and dressed, went back in to the bathroom to put the test in the bin and then did a double take just as I was about to dispose of it and there was the faintest faintest of faintest lines. It had been about 30 minutes since I peed on it so thought it was probably a evaporation line (plus it was 5 days before AF was due) but had a niggling feeling and it was definitely a pink faint line and not grey. Anyway, did another test the next morning (and the 4 after that!!) and the line was there again. It appeared quicker and stronger everyday and now i'm the very proud 'owner' of a nearly 1 year old!

    Definitely get yourself another test just to make sure and good luck! Hope you get the outcome you want image xx
  • test again!


    so excited now, will be watching this thread lol
  • ooh how exciting, if its pink i would say its more likely to be a positive although it may still be a evap, they are suppose to be quite sesitive though, might be worth getting a superdrug own or a first response

    good luck x
  • have you retested?
  • I'm not really sure how late my period was. It was straight after an mc and I have a 35ish day cycle. I had a scan 10 days after the positive test and I measured 6 + 4 so would have been 5 + 1 which is 36 days so 1 day after af would been due. Did you follow that? Lol!
  • Hi all!

    Not managed to test yet as I've been up all night with a poorly LO and have no tests in the house! Going to pick up a pack of 2 today! Willdo one this afternoon and one with FMU in the morning!

    Hi Faithie, I did follow lol! I would be 4 week today if I was pregnant so would hav thought I would have had a stronger line which is why I'm more inclined to think it's an evap line! Indent pics of the test to *Maria* last night and she could see a very faint pink line even on pics taken on my mobile phone so who knows! If I am we will be over the moon and if not then at least we can have fun practicing! Xxx
  • very exciting Becky - you maybe able to use the Windoo once more!

    I am working non stop now until tomorrow evening but hope you get special news later today x x x x
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