about to try for number 2 and got abnormal smear - advice?

hi guys

hoping for reassurance here please

we have a fab 16 month old and are ready to start trying for number 2, took hubby a lot to convince me to go for it but we agreed we would review finances after Christmas and go for it about feb march if things were ok. well as i am in charge of finances i realised that although tighter than i would have liked we would manage and got my head around the idea and am soooo broody its ridiculous.

called for my smear, went like a good little girl lol as soon as was called just to get it out of way, then bang today out of the blue get results and i have borderline changes - they want me to wait until june to get tested again and see if changes have resolved themselves. my heart just sank. rang doctor to get some info re ttc and this result, he was fab and suggested waiting till march and doing a re test then which is better news but still, from now til march worrying and boy do i worry lol, and then i may need treatment etc... seems a long road if that were the case. hubby is 7 years older than me and we wanted bubbas closish together and maybe even a third - feels like my plans are all unravelling at the mo

anyone got any advice? words of wisdom? etc.... much appreciated!! posted in toddler / baby / planning a baby




  • i wouldnt worry too much about borderline changes at the moment. lots of things can cause that. sounds like your doctor has already done what he can with the retest in march. is there any way they could retest sooner, just i case the result was not accurate?

    i had to have regular smears after an abnormal result when i was 21. i had a colposcopy, followed by smears every month for 6 months, then every 6 months for a few years, then once a year for a few years and have only recently gone to normal testing! now they dont test people at 21 as abnormal results can be down to normal body changes. :roll:
  • thanks for your post

    its nice to get reassurance thats its not just me!

    did the colopscopy hurt much more than smear? googled it - mistake - sounds a bit nasty!


  • these things dont hurt (except the one 8 weeks after i gave birth!) they are just uncomfortable. tell yourself that! i dont remember it hurting tbh. but it was 12 tears ago.
  • I was the same as reneewantsabump. My first ever smear came back abnormal and I had a colposcopy then regular testing for about 6 years in total. All normal now though and I had no probs ttc. Try not to worry as it may well sort itself out before you're retested. Xxx
  • Hi

    just to reassure you should the worst case scenario happen of your cells progressing and you needing treatment - I had a smear done in autumn 2008 and it came back with CIN3 which is basically the most severe stage of pre-cancer but NOT cancer - I had a colposcopy done and immediate Loop treatment in late November 2008 where they remove the offending cells and test them - I then fell pregnant in October 2009 (but was trying from February 2009 with the blessing of my gynae) so about six months post treatment, they kept an eye on my cervix length, all was fine, and I had my beautiful daughter this July.

    Personally at this point if I had borderline changes again, I would wait to ttc as I would not want one more thing hanging over my head during pregnancy and they're a bit restricted as to how much they can actually tell accurately/do during pregnancy - they keep an eye on you with colposcopy only ( I had one at 20 weeks gone as they couldn't repeat my smear during the pregnancy for my follow up) but they would not have treated me until baby was born had they seen anything. Pregnancy and the 6 week postnatal period can also make your cervix have some funny changes anyway so not always accurate.

    Luckily when I finally got my follow up done this September, all was clear. The treatment is successful something like 95-98% of the time, first time. If you have any more qu's there's a great forum for women with all stages of changes called the Jo's Trust forum. xxx
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