clear blue fertility monitor

i bought one when trying for toby and sold it after toby as i was convicned we were having no more. I then bought one for ??35 from someone on here and it never arrived - i have tried emailing but to no avail. So does anyone have one that i could buy for about ??35. I am a bit gutted that i have been hoodwinked but hopefully someone will be able to help me out - thank you x x x


  • how rubbish, i still have those OPKs of you would like them and some sticks for the monitor although they are out of date they still worked, have you tried ebay for the monitor?
  • the ebay ones seem to be at least 45 and i have already paid 35 for one i havent recieved - could have got a new one!!!!! I bought a trillion opks but not picking up anything trying to avoid clomid but themonitor really worked for us - damn my trusting instinct! Would def take the ood CBFM sticks if i do manage to get a monitor - thank you x
  • did they not even give you your money back? how disgusting!
  • no SB i cant contact them - they said they were 6 w 4 days and feeling sick but had posted it on the Friday (3 weeks ago - no response to my emails - abit disappointed but i hate not to trust - i have lent so many things to different people on here and always got them back, or know where they are - jsut a shame really
  • i have just sent you a message x
  • Faith restored x x x
  • Hi Hun,

    Did you pay them through paypal? If so I think they might have an insurance thing if you don't receive your goods...not sure though...maybe worth a look at their website if you paid through them xx
  • i did pay through paypal but becasue i ticked the box pwersonal - becasue it wsnt linked to ebay i am not covered! x
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