Toddler milk? (Also in Toddler)

Do you use it?

I said to my OH I wanted to read the tub, to see what the difference was and make a decision on whether to start to use it for James. So he just went ahead and bought one!! :roll:

Anyway I have started to use it, as we used up the Follow on, and hate the thought of the waste of money tbh. I've asked for opinions in BIJan, and been told it was sweet and someone's HV had said it wasn't worth it. I do agree it does smell sweet, but I think it is just 'flavoured' with vanilla.

So what do you think? I like the fact it has the vitamins etc in still, as I worry James might not receive enough with what I feed him. image

Thanks. xx


  • i think i replied to the post in jan

    if you dont think his diet is adequate enough then it might be worth a go, we are not using it as i feel LO gets enough vitamins and iron in his diet x
  • I've always had a tub of it in the cupboard for Abby. As well as the extra minerals etc it has been very useful on occasion. For example it meant I could take water and powder separately when we were going to be out until early evening. Abby could then have her milk before getting into pjs and sleeping in the car. I also take the water and powder to bed at the moment so Abby can have her milk curled up beside me in the morning whilst I feed Charlie. You don't need to go exclusively formula, I swop back and forth.

    H xx
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