Help! Applying for flexible working hrs

This is stressing me out BIG time! Help! xx


  • Hey sweety - I am sorry I can't help you I am not sure myself. My job is very different - I just went in and had a chat with my boss.

    I didn't want to r&r though.

    I really hope you get it sorted image

  • have you a union who can adise you? i was turned down, despite 2 other women going back in the months before me getting it. im having to appeal ut will be full time from next week until i either get part time or resign!
  • I got it but only because I threatened to leave otherwise. With regards to the impacts I think it depends on your job, do you deal directly with customers or urgent issues that wouldn't be able to wait until the next day. Would someone else be able to increase their responsibilities for the days you are not there? Could the cost of that be covered by the decrease in your wage? Basically can your work be done in less days, if not how will that impact the business, will deadlines be harder to meet, will other employees who rely on you have problems with you not there? Then offer a suggestion to make the problems not exist.

    I my case I will be working together with another person working 3 days and we are there to cover each others days off.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks ladies!! xpatmummybear thanks for the list of possible impact situations, you've given me a lot to think about!

    We do have a union but from what the little I've seen of them, they seem pretty useless!! I also posted this in Born in October and one of the ladies suggested writing out a timetable of how certain things in my job will be covered which I think will help when I go in to speak to my boss.

    Obviously the worst case, they say no. If they do, am I entitled to then request the remainder of my maternity allowance off? I'll only have had 6 months off so potentially can I take the rest of my allowance off (and they'd have to let me) so it'd give me chance to look for something else?! I can't remember ever putting in writing I'd only take 6 months off, it was just a verbal agreement between me and my boss that I'd be back in March. xx
  • I have just got mine. Never got what I wanted but quite close, just more days than I wanted. My company was very difficult. Will copy & paste my letter to see if that helps you. I used the templete from the directgov website.

    I would like to apply under section 80F of the Employment Rights Act 1996 to work a flexible working pattern that is different to my current working pattern because:

    ??????? I have parental responsibility for the upbringing of a child aged up to and including16

    I am making this request to help me care for the child.

    I can confirm that I have worked continuously as an employee of the company for the last 26 weeks. I have not made a request to work flexibly during the past 12 months.

    I have never made a request to work flexibly.

    My current working pattern is a pattern of 6 days working & 3 days off, a mixture of early starts & late finishes. This pattern also includes shifts as well as home standby days. I also work a flexi month every 3 months.

    I would like to start working a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday every week. However, I would prepared to work 1 weekend a month, A Saturday, Sunday & Monday, as I know that this is the company's busiest time. I would like as much notice as possible which weekend I am working to arrange childcare, for example I could work every 2nd weekend of the month. Another option that I could work would be any 3 days between Monday & Friday each week. I would like to work a mixture of early & late shifts.

    I would like this working pattern to start from 7th February 2011.

    I think that this change to my working pattern would give me a good work/home balance. I feel that it would benefit the company as I am willing to work a mixture of early & late shifts which gives the company more flexibility. This also will help my colleagues as it will mean that they won't have to do as many long shifts, therefore spreading their hours out more over the year. In regards to my home life working this pattern will mean that I am able to put my child into daycare without having to constantly change which days she is there. Having a stable working pattern coupled with a stable home life would result in me being less stressed & generally happier in my home life, this can only have a positive effect on my performance in work. I also feel that if I have a stable shift pattern I would be confident that my child is in a routine & I can give 100% in work.

    Any ? just ask see if I can help anymore
  • Lampchop thanks for putting your letter her I really need to get my bum in gear and apply for flexible working. I'm due back in July but need to get Aila's nursery organised asap.

    Nai Nai where did you find a template letter? I've been having a search would be nice to have a few examples to work from, hope you're work agree to your proposal. I can't decide whether to do 3 or 4 days when I go back - I'd always thought 3 but then when we decide to have number 2 not sure I could survive maternity based on 3 days per week wages :?
  • You have a legal right to ask for flexible working and they have to have a good reason for not letting you. Even if you are a Manager (as I am), they can't say you have to be there all the time to oversee staff. You can always be on the end of a phone for essential queries.

    I do know companies can make it difficult to come back flexi working - but the fact they have let other people do this will make it harder for them to veto your request. And don't forget - if you don't ask you don't get. It may be a bit embarrassing but put in your request and see what happens.
  • Lambchop thank you SOOOO much for writing out your letter. Its really helpful to see it! Esp how you've worded about your home/ work life balance.

    Lilmonkeysmummy - have a look at this link, its got lots of useful info plus towards the bottom theres a link to click on for the letter template!

    TriTread thanks also for your reply, I do worry that as a manager that they'll say I need to be full-time to oversee my team.

    Just sat here now on my laptop trying to write my letter to my boss... everything just sounds soooo stupid?! I really just want to meet him as soon as possible and talk to him and get this under way, I actually feel really stressed by it all which is silly but I can't help it! xx
  • Ladies just came across this website and think its really useful so thought I'd share it...
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