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I know this isnt necessary but is it equivalent to first stage formula all I can glean is that its a con to get round advertising so does that mean its exactly the same?? The reason I ask is dd is prone to constipation (even was when I was bf) so if its more likely to cause my lo this then I'll steer clear. However if its just the same it makes more sense for me to get this due to loyalty points and money off coupons and special offers that can be used in conjunction (I previously mentioned to a friend that a snooty checkout woman in Tesco "helpfully" informed me that points were not available on cigarettes or baby milk...........thanks for that they are obviously EXACTLY the same lol) I was concerned that if they had elevated levels of iron that this could lead to increased constipation??

thanks girls


  • Can't help hun but was wondering the same thing so will watch with interest!! xxx
  • Hi

    I moved LO onto follow on milk at 6 months. Did a bit of research and gather that it is basically the same formula but with extra iron and they are allowed to do promotions on it as it is not first milk.

    My LO is also prone to constipation so I tend to add an extra oz of water to the bottle, so say 7 oz water and 6 scoops formula, this has really helped. Also with weaning I give her prunes, pears etc to help the poo along. So far so good. Tried giving her water in a sippy cup but she hates it, but I keep trying!

    Hope that helps x
  • I tried LO with follow on milk purely because she would only take the pre-made cartons and thought a change might help the transition back to the powdered variety but wasn't successful. Found she got a little constipated, wasn't too bad but certainly wasn't going as frequently, however much I tried to adapt her solid diet to help.

    She also decreased her oz intake too, by half on some days so have moved back to First Milk and we are back to normal again.
  • I swapped Jensen because it has a higher iron content, I found the Aptamil didn't dissolve very well so we're using Hipp Organic which has gone down a treat x
  • cheers girls will give it a try when I run out of stage 1 x
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