How unbelievable is the current baby storyline. You'd KNOW if you'd baby had been swapped some another one!


  • I heard from a freind on fb that apparently kat does notice but people just say she's deluded and in shock..could be wrong though..maybe that's why they didn't show her seeing much of the baby tonight!

    I'm hating this story line! Felt physically sick watching it x
  • Everything about it was wrong!!!! There is no way Ronnie would look like that and have a perfect house after having a baby, there is no way the baby would not be sleeping next to her! There is no way Kats baby would be left unattended next to an open window, no monitor and there is no way she will get away with baby swapping- you know your own baby!!!! It's a chilling story line and I felt in knots!!!
  • It's a horible storyline and puts me off watching for a while.

    That's twice they've shown situations where a baby has been left unattended upstairs (Stacey's baby was nabbed by Janine while a party went on downstairs and no-one checked on the baby for ages!).

    I don't think a sensitive storyline like SIDS needs a baby-swap storyline to make it dramatic, it's heart-wrenching enough on it's own.

  • I avoided it completely. Its just too upsetting after my sister's baby passed away this year. I just don't want to expose myself to something like that.
  • i wont be watching for next few weeks - i didnt tonight as i dont want to see such a horrible storyline.

    you would notice if your baby had been swapped and as others have said there are lots of 'wouldnt happens' which wouldnt make it realistic - they could have dealt with sids in a sensitive manner and brought it into the light more but they have gone and dramatised it (not in a 'good' way) for the sake of 'entertainment' not a nice storyline at all.

  • I won't be watching either and I love EE- I do accept people can do strange things through grief but find it hard to accept would be so sudden. When I lost my little boy I wanted him back not just any other baby who happened to be there so that's what I find most unrealistic
  • I do watch Eastenders normally, but just couldnt bring myself to watch it. Why cant they just have a happy ending for once!!!! :roll:
  • I did watch it tonight but was so, so uncomfortable and found myself wondering whether I should / would watch subsequent episodes. From posting on here for the last 2 years I know, unfortunately, that this does happen and it breaks my heart that people will be watching this (over the already incredibly emotional time that is xmas and NY) and it will be far too close to home. Completely agree that SIDS is a dramatic enough storyline without the baby swap!

    K x
  • just way ott from eastenders scriptwriters - hate it!! its completly and utterly wrong-like you wouldnt notice if your baby had been swapped and im sorry but then they open a helpline for anyone who has been through sids- its not even a relavent storyline to most people who have sadly experienced it i just think if they want ratings they need to change this story line around!!!!
  • I watched it and also think it is a silly storyline but did anyone who did watch it not think Ronnie acted it very well? If that happened to Iz I would be hysterical and screaming for help from any passer by. Why did she not dial 999 herself, didn't understand the deal with the house phone. My heart goes out to anyone who has been through this. Miscarriage is bad enough x
  • It made my blood run cold
  • I didn't watch it. Won't be watching it for a while til the storyline blows over.

    As a new Mummy, I find it chilling and disturbing.

    Yep it's drama... but like a PP said - SIDS is upsetting, heartbreaking and dramatic enough with some silly baby-swap story to make it more intense.

    I hope they don't allow Kat to go through the misery for long or for Ronnie to think its acceptable. It gives the wrong message out. xx
  • I hate this current storyline, I've not been through SIDS myself but have lost a baby late in pregnancy and this episode had me in tears and my 10 yr old son was also crying his eyes out thinking about the brother he lost. Why does it all have to be doom and gloom in EE, and if i was Ronnie Mitchell i'd have topped myself after everything she's been through since the charachter joined the show!! I hope they end this storyline very soon as I won't be watching while it's ongoing!!
  • I'm avoiding Eastenders at the mo too due to this storyline. I totally agree with everything everyone has posted - SIDS is heartbreaking enough without a stupid baby swop storyline. I know show producers like to raise awareness/tackle sensitive subjects but I think this could have been handled better by not having the swop element. xx
  • I was thinking to myself I would've known my baby if it'd been swapped. It's a terrible story line and makes you wonder whats going through the script writers head.

    My DD Is 3 and i'm 31+5 so it hasnt been pleasent veiwing.
  • G/C from Due in May.

    I haven't watched Eastenders since Christmas Day as I knew what was coming and couldn't face to watch it - I think it's a horrendous story line

    BK and Muffin


  • i think this story is totally vile and all the rubbish that is being spouted by the people at EE is so unbelievable. they say they want ti to be believable... well no mother would go and swap it for another baby... they would run screaming for help!

    I don't think this is a subject to be hyped up and sensationalised, its to heartbreaking and close to the bone.

    as i said... it's vile and i won't watch EE again now!
  • I can't believe this storyline. It is awful, I think it is dealing with SIDs in an bad way and will really upset a lot of people.

    I thought Ronnies acting was terrible and like others have said, there are so many things that just wouldn't happen, like the newborn baby being left on it's own, etc
  • what got me was Roxy, if your sister was acting like that with a 1 day old baby you would not leave her to go out with your friend, no matter how much they moan!

    my baby is due in 10+5 and when Alfie went to "check on the baby" and didnt even go in the room i went mental at my boyfriend and told him if he ever does that i will kill him!

    when my son was born he was so quiet i had to get baby monitors to hear him from the next room so there is no way you would leave a baby on new years eve in a pub!
  • plus if the mum had been admitted back to hosp would the baby not have gone with her at 1 day old?

    my friend had an infection and had to go in and baby went too
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