Buggy recommendations for 18mth old and baby??

Hi everyone, I have just found out that I am pregnant with baby number two!! DS1 will be just over 18mths when baby comes along so will still need to be in a pushchair some of the time I guess.

My question is for those of you with that sort of age gap what buggys you have gone for? I would ideally like one that I could attach baby's car seat to and also would rather have one that has the seats one in front of the other as opposed to side by side but again it depends on what everyone recommends...ideas please??


  • I have the vibe, it's expensive but I love it. 21 months between my 2 but the double seats can be used from 6 months and the main seat from birth. I'm pretty sure you can attach a car seat as well although I did not go for this option. It's not too heavy and the wheels detach to

    make it more compact in the boot.
  • I have the Phil and Teds Dash...

    I have bang on 18 months between my boys and started out convinced that my 18 month old DS1 would mostly walk.

    Errr no. With the feezing weather we have had and the amount I actually walk the dog I was sooo wrong!! image

    I don't find the carseat a problem really. Just take ds2 out of the carseat and pop him in the snug cocoon and he is so comfy. (I have put a big blanket down underneath for lots extra padding) Perfect for him too as he can sleep laid flat.

    Ds1 really loves riding upfront, and if he decides to walk, the pram is so easy to push and steer one-handed. I really love it.

    Like PP said, P&T's are expensive, but look on Ebay, they keep their resale value very well as they are so popular.

    Ds2 is 4 months next week and I have been umming and erring about putting him in the upright seat, but he still has space in the cocoon and likes looking up at Mummy as I push him!

    I'd advise to visit somewhere like Kiddicare, do lots of research into the different models as each offer different things that may appeal to you. I liked the Dash as it has plastic footrest, spy hole to see eldest child, big cocoon, plastic view-cover for youngest child and so light to push.

    I did have a side-by-side too... but sold it faster than I had it at home for!! :lol:

    It was just too wide for shops in my town and ds1 will be walking loads when weather improves... but not if I had to push a huge pushchair around too.

    Good luck with your decision... I know its a toughie but take your time and think things through... test as many as you can and don't be afraid to stop Mum's in the street if you see one you like - I did and showered them with questions!! haha! :lol: :lol: xx
  • We have the Baby Jogger City Select. It's one in front of the other, can use seat, carrycot or car seat in 16 different combinations and can also be used as a single when ds1 no longer needs to be in a pushchair. Plus it has a huge basket for shopping etc. I love it cos of the versatility and practicality of it.


    Hope this helps

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel

  • I have 17 months between my 2, with my youngest 6 weeks now.

    I have the nipper 360 which i like, but its a bit wide to take into town.

    At the moment i normally take my oldest out in the stroller and the baby in my close baby carrier as i find this easiest, and my LO prefers to walk most of the time so its easier to use the carrier for the baby and the single stroller in the car if needed
  • im going to be getting a side by side.. the baby jogger city mini twin, dd1 will be 18months too when dd2 comes along!!
  • I too have a P&T for my girlies- in Camo Pink very rare I love it image There are 22 months between Lily and Mia and although Lily is a fab walker I wouldn't have dreamt of not getting a tandem (side by sides were a definite no for me). P&T's are very flexible and quite often I just have it in single mode- short journeys to the corner shop where I know Lily won't mind walking or if we are out with hubby and he can keep a good hand/eye on her. When Mia was tiny (she's nearly 8 months now) she had a cocoon which was very snug and she is a tummy baby so happily slept for hours in there. I think the newer models can attach a car seat- don't quote me on that but I saw an ad in my PB mag and I think there was a carseat on it and there are a lot of new changes to the newer versions such a sun hood on the backseat- mine doesn't but haven't had that much sun since Mia has been in the seat so we will see how we get on. It's very good for both me and hubby as the handle bar moves positions very readily- he is 6ft 5 so needs it at a different position to me and I haven't found a terrain that it can't handle yet and I walk alot even in 2ft of snow and ice it was managable!I don't think we'll have come summer tho as Lily will be 3 in July and I think by then I may get a new buggy just for Mia but it has been a very good investment for us and one I know will sell when the time comes.x
  • our gap will be the same when LO arrives in july, we are getting the icandy pear as its the only one that has a carrycot function with the toddler facing out x
  • i have the icandy pear for my ds (21months) and dd (3weeks)...it's a tandem, bought it last july, was ??685 in john lewis for main seat + doubles pack (double converter, second seat and carrycot) and u can also get the maxicosi cabrio car seat for it (with adaptors)...so far we love it, we've used it foe the last 5 months as a single for ds, and now as a double now that dd has arrived. everyones needs are different, so myh advice would be to go somewhere like john lewis where the have lots of different doubles (they had various p&ts, incandy peach and pear, baby jogger,britax b dueal plus lots of side by sides too - although they only ones that u can use a carseat on whilst in doubles mode is the icandy peach, pear and the baby jogger city select) hth xx
  • Thanks everyone, Its SO confusing and SO expensive too!!!
  • regarding the icandy pear.. is it not really awkward getting newborn in and out of the carrycot bit? it all looks a bit cramped to me??

    (ilovemygeek2, ur girls are soooo cute! image
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