Tummy bug

Hi mums !!!

Just after some advise and reasurrance -

My lill 3month Jacob has been a little bit poorly, he has been sick after most feeds and sometimes during feeds as well as having very regular pooie nappies, not diahrea but very seedie and pale in colour and very, very smellie. He has no fever but has been sleeping throughout the day more than usual.

Jacob feeds every 3 hours and sleeps upto 12 through the night usually, however whilst Jacob has been unwell it is taking an hour too hour and half to get his feed down him as he just seems to drift off asleep (very frustrating!)

Has anyone had the same problem ???

Im not letting Jacob cry for his feeds I have been just giving them to him after 3 hours he has 6oz 5 times a day ?

Any suggestions ??

Is it possible to miss a feed if he just doesnt want it while he is poorly, or is this chance to make hime worse ?


  • Main thing is to keep him hydrated so as much fluids as possible. Try offering cooled boiled water in between feeds as that should be lighter on his tum than the milk. Also try offering less milk but more frequently, it will throw your regular routine but should be easier for him to keep down.

    Look out for signs of dehydration and if you're at all concerned take him to GP as they can prescribe rehydration solutions etc.

    It's all about getting as much fluid into him as you can.

    I hope he feels better soon and I hope you don't get it too as that's what happened in our house, all 3 poorly with it image

    Take care

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