Really need some help. Will is 12 weeks tomorrow and still only goes 2/3 hours at night I get the odd 4 hours but this is rare. Not sure how to extend this as he wakes for a feed each time.

I never had this issue with Ollie who sleep well from a young age and extended his own feeds and settled into his own routine so was spooky first time around, any advice would be welcome as I really need more sleep.

Sorry about title on my iPhone and can not correct it


  • I don't really have any advise sweety I am afraid as a first time mum, Logan has kinda fallen into his own routine of 5 hours then 3 hours overnight. I suppose the usual advice is maybe try DF and/or cluster feeding to make sure he is getting plenty of milk during the day.

    If not - try speaking to hv about it? They might have some suggestions?

    Hope he goes a bit longer soon sweety.

  • Hi i would do what the above posted has suggested.

    a dreamfeed about 10pm and maybe uping the daytime feeds by 1oz (if baby ios forumla fed) im sorry i cant be much help with bf as i stopped at 3 weeks with dd2 and didnt bf at all with dd1

    i dont thinks its unusal for a younge baby at 12 weeks to want to feed so often tbh- enjoy the extra cuddles image

  • If your LO is FF, would hungry baby milk help? Not sure what else to suggest that hasnt already been mentioned!! xx
  • Oooooh also, sorry just thought of this, if you FF what teat size are you using? I had problems with my LO (12 weeks on tues) falling asleep half way through a feed and then be hungry 2 hours later...

    it wasnt until a mummy friend of mine suggested going up a teat size (even though he was only 6 weeks at the time) as she said he was probably tiring himself out trying to get the milk out. As soon as I went up a size, LO took more milk and actually finished bottles and this impacted on his feeds stretching out and therefore more sleep for me - win, win situation!! xx
  • ds2 was like this, I know it is sooo hard and totally feel for you.

    Ds2 is 16 weeks now, I took to feeding him 2 to 3 hourly in the daytime. (never more than 3 hour gap between feeds)

    He now goes 8pm til 2/3am... so its an improvement!!

    You haven't said if your breastfeeding or bottle... I'm bottle feeding and still using Aptamil first and I feed ds2 4ozs every 3 hours at the moment. He is fussy though so sometimes I feel like there is always a bottle on the go.

    Is your LO gaining weight ok?

    It might just be that he is also in the habit of waking through the night now too.

    Sorry can't be more help but good luck

    Sarah xx
  • Sorry should of said he is bf and does feed every 2/3 hours day and night. Putting on weight really well and is happy and contented between feeds mostly although does like to be chewing sucking something. I keep trying to chat with the hv and the last advice was give it a couple more weeks.

    I know he won't settle soon as his due another grow spurt guess I just have to hope he settles down after. image
  • Hi,

    My little boy was just the same at this age and used to feed every 2-3 hours. Also as he is currently 12 weeks, he is probably going through a growth spurt. The good thing is though, this is the last major growth spurt I remember him having and I also noticed things started to gradually improve after 12.

    If you are not already doing so I would recommend dreamfeeding him when you go to bed, as I felt at least this meant I got 2-3 hours sleep before I had to be up again (or could you maybe express this feed and let someone else do this feed so you could get some extra sleep). I really hope things improve for you soon, I remember how it feels, but it does get better eventually.
  • I'm not giving you advice here, because I imagine I'll get plenty of grief for it and I can't be bothered with a fight today, I'm just going to tell you what I did.

    When ds2 got to 13 weeks he was still getting up every 1.5-2 hours for a feed and out of sheer exhaustion I got dh to give him a bottle of formula one night to give me a break (I have a 3 year old as well so no chance to catch up on sleep during the day and I was losing the plot). After the bottle, LO slept for 3 hours and it was so blissful and made such a difference to my ability to cope with the boys that I've continued doing this so he gets a bottle at about 12pm and now at 18 weeks it's keeping him going for sometimes 5 straight hours which is amazing. He's still bf the rest of the time. And he's actually a lot happier himself for getting a bit more sleep.

    If I hadn't maanaged to start getting a bit of sleep in this way, exhaustion would have got the better of me and I'd have given up bf altogether. Might not be a solution for everyone, but it worked for me and both my boys.

    I hope you find a way to get a bit more sleep soon.
  • MrsC06 well done for sticking with bf-ing for so long under a quite demanding routine! You poor thing you must have been exhausted!! Anyway just wanted to say that in case anyone gets on their high horse about ff etc!! xx
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