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I feel like I have got stuck in a bit of a rut with ideas for lunch for my little one at the moment and I think need to get a few more ideas soon before my little boy turns into a finger of cheese on toast!

So what sort of things do you make? I have tried various sandwiches, rice cakes with humous, cheese on toast (the favourtie!) and beans on toast.

I am also hoping to try and save some money this year by making some more snacks for him myself, i have made some cheese biscuits, but does anyone else have any good ideas?



  • How old is he?

  • The discovery of filo pastry has made lunch time so much more exciting for my LO and easier for me.

    This is a good recipe...

    ... but you can put anything in them. My LO likes creamy chicken curry and rice in them. They freeze really well and cook in 20 mins in the oven from frozen.

    I use ready made filo in a roll and cut it lengthways into four strips. The put a blob of filling at the top and fold the corner over to make a triangle and then keep folding over each edge of the triangle using the whole strip of pastry. Then I egg wash it to make the pastry stick together. I make about 20 at a time and shove them in the freezer.

    They're really good for taking out and about too.

    I do jacket potatoes a lot too, I pre cook a couple whenever I've got the oven on and keep them in the fridge. I chop it in half, scoop out the middle, mix half with some tinned fish - salmon, tuna or mackerel usually - shove it back in the jackets, grate some cheese on top and oven it until until it's crispy. I cut them into wedges for my LO and she can manage them herself.

    I serve almost everything with chopped up cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks, or roast sweet potato wedges.


    B x
  • Apple pie, he is 12 1/2 months, sorry I forgot to mention that on my post. We have mainly been BLW from the start so he usually eats what I eat most of the time.

    Monkey nuts thank you so much, I love your ideas, the filo parcels sound so yummy, I will certainly be trying those very soon! Can I just ask when you freeze them do you freeze them raw or cooked and do you then defrost them and then cook them or cook them from frozen?

    I also love the jacket potato idea as well, as I think my LO is getting a bit bored of jackets served with either beans or cheese, as am I!

    I am also a fan of serving everything with slices of tomato and cucumber!

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