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Joshua is 15 weeks old and got a cold about a month ago, he is better on all fronts except he has still got a blocked nose and we think he is waking himself at night with it.

We have tried Olbas for children on a hankie in his cot,which seemed to ease the breathing a little but does not get rid of it.

A friend suggested raising one end of the cot, any thoughts on this and any other ideas of what it could be and any other ideas? Will Calpol help? Is it worth taking him the doctors?



  • Have you tried saline drops? They are very good - I think they are just 99p from a chemist. They work a treat whenever my LO is blocked up x
  • Mmmmm - not sure where my reply went. Have you tried saline drops? About 99p from a chemist x
  • shove some saline up there, give it a minute to start liquefying the snot, then use one of these babies:

    to suck all that yummy snot out.

    DS hates this, for sure, but I figure that momentary annoyance is worth it, because he can then breathe, and goes to sleep, which means *I* can sleep. Winner.

    Calpol won't actually help a blocked nose, it's a painkiller and antipyretic so if he's got a temp it will lower it, but it doesn't have any decongestant action. I love Calpol in the right circumstances, but I'm not a fan of administering it for the sake of it, and unless he's in pain I don't think putting drugs in his little system unnecessarily is advisable.

    There's probably not much a dr can do for a blocked nose in all honesty, so unless you are actually worried about his chest, etc, I wouldn't take him.

    I prefer Karvol oil for littlies as I think it's less abrasive to the nose, but that's just a personal thing, keep going with the oil on a hankie as it will be helping.
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