When do you stop sterilising?


  • With DD, when I caught her licking the cat.

    I will probably stop sterilising DS' stuff soon, I left him on the floor this morning whilst I nipped to the loo, and came back to find him eating a piece of Organix baby biscuit that he threw under the sofa yesterday. Nommy.

    As long as you wash things thoroughly with hot soapy water,I'm sure it would be fine if you wanted to stop sterilising M's stuff now. Even more so if you wash hot with a dishwasher.
  • "With DD, when I caught her licking the cat" :lol: :lol:

    Recommendation used to be 6 months but they changed it to a year - think I'll stop somewhere in between Aila looks almost ready to crawl so I think when she's mobile I'll probably stop as no matter how clean I try and keep the house I'm sure she'll find something manky to eat at some point!
  • I stopped gradually sometime after Abby was 6 months old. We had forgotten to sterilise her cup the previous evening, and she needed her morning milk - I didn't fancy waiting 20 minutes with a crying baby, so I just gave it to her. When the world didn't end, I gradually started getting more and more lazy until one day I realised that we hadn't touched the steriliser for months, so I packed it away.
  • They say as long as you wash bottle thoroughly after 6 months is fine but it's a good idea to sterilise teats as it is milk residue which can make them ill, popping them in boiling water as you make the bottle should do the trick though! I'd say 6 months! xxx
  • I stopped at 1 year when we moved to beakers and cows milk. I know I could've stopped earlier but not sterilising a bottle didn't 'feel' right to me. I know plenty of people who stopped before a year though
  • Maenad - that was the kind of response I was hoping for :lol:

    I think I'll stop!
  • HV says 6 months now - we stopped at 7.
  • me personally i don't bother to sterilise anything i wash for DD because we also have kittens... :lol:

    OH however still sterilises everything in sight, yet whines incessantly about how much room in our tiny kitchen the steriliser takes up. he's a douche! lol

    i'd stop now if your LO is in the move. i remember being told by my doctor once they start picking things up and putting them in their mouths you may aswell stop because you can't sterilise everything they ever touch xxxx
  • ok i am still sterilising lizzies bottles and she is a year old but my main reason for this is she is on nutramigen milk and will be for at least another year and it stinks to high heaven and hot soapy water just doesnt get the smell out!

    so we will be sterilising until she is off this awful milk x
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