Getting poo stains out of cloth nappies.

Hello all

I use Easyfit nappies and although they get clean in the wash quite often round the elastic bit are ingrained poo stains, which don't look very nice and as we are going to visit the outlaws soon I want to get rid of them so mil has nothing to criticise me about (well not on that front anyway).

Is there anything I can use in the wash to get rid of the stains?

Oh I should probably say that I wash them on either a 40 or 60 degree wash depending on what else I have to go in the machine. Never tried washing them on cool - I wonder if that would help???

Ta my lovelies xx


  • Soak them in a biological washing powder (i.e: Ariel) before washing them with your normal powder. Ariel gets everything out - it's been my lifesaver as so many clothes would've been ruined and stained without it!
  • It's the wrong time of year - but bright sunshine is great for getting out poo stains (especially that orangy new born poo). Might be worth sticking them on the line and see what happens!? xxx
  • moonlight is just as good as sunlight, so put them on the line overnight.

    i wouldnt reccommend bio powder on cloth nappies though.
  • I don't use anything BUT bio on my nappies. Bio targets biologically based stains - poo, wee, sick - and in the 4.5 years I've been using cloth I have never had it damage my nappies.

    I've also used the Ariel stain removing powder on my Easyfits with no issues, it works a treat. I've been known to fling Ace laundry bleach in with my fitteds but I've not tried it on anything with PUL. Doubt it would harm, though.

    Don't forget that PUL is a fabric developed for medical use and is designed to withstand the high temperatures of autoclaving, it's highly unlikely that a bit of bio laundry gel is going to affect it.

    Bigger Tescos now sell Tots Bots Potion nappy wash powder, maybe a soak in that would sort them out?
  • I put my nappies (and any pooed on clothes) on a rinse cycle then wash them with TotsBots Potion at 30 degrees most of the time that gets poo out but if there's still a stain I put them on the windowsill to get natural light which usually works wonders. I did have a nasty stain on a bodysuit of Aila's I really wanted to put in her memory box which didn't come out this way so I soaked it overnight in a bucket with Vanish Oxy action then put it in my next nappy wash it came out good as new.

    good luck at the outlaws image

    I swear by the stuff. Soak things in it, then add it to the wash. Havent found a stain it can't remove yet!

    Tesco sell it on the baby aisle as it people used to use it on the Terry Towelling nappies (so my mum informed me!)
  • Oh excellent I own Napisan and Ariel stain stuffs, so I'm good to go! I might well hunt out the tots bots washing stuff too.

    Dangermouse what's with the name change? Did the website jiggery pokery get you too?
  • fairy green soap - excellent at any stains, including poop!
  • i havent found the tots bots potion any good,(my nappies stink as if they havent been washed!)i'm not going to use it again and its only had a small amount taken out of the bag but if you want to try it you can have my bag of the stuff.

    the bambio mio wash is fab. i use a spoon of that aswell as a small amount of liquid. personally i dont use bio because of issues with ezma in our household.
  • they added a uk3 which I objected to so thought I'd change it all together!
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