Never thought I'd say this but.....

I want a dirty nappy from my lo lo is almost 10 weeks old and im looking for some tips on how to get him to go. He used to go every third day but the past couple of weeks its been every 6th/7th day and im wondering what i can do (if anything) to help him.

He is already on comfort milk in an attempt to relieve his wind/colic problems and ive tried a bit of gripe water but he is still reluctant to pooh!! I get plenty wet nappies.

Any advice?? Or is it just a waiting game??


  • If he doesn't seem in any discomfort - then I wouldn't worry at all. Some babies are just very efficient at extracting every last bit of goodness from their milk (and they make less poo because of it).

    If he does seem uncomfortable then you can try moving his legs in a circling motion (like he's riding a bike), pushing his knees up to his chest, or massaging his tummy.

    hope that helps.

  • Thanks for replying Nikki,

    Its just the past couple of days that T has been a bit grouchy and unsettled. Its not like him as he is normally a contented wee thing lol.

    Guess its just a case of waiting then, will try cycling his legs tho thanks for the tip!!

  • You could give him some cooled boiled water. xx
  • hi do you offer him cooled boiled water?

    its not needed at his age but when babies are constipated an oz a couple of times a day (or as much as required) if they will take it helps as it softens the poo and helps them go....then things often start moving again themselves.

    as previous post says some babies dont go all that often and some poo all the time (like my dd) its only if its different from their usual pattern or they seem uncomfortable that you have to be concerned otherwise up to 10 days without a poo (if no obvious discomfort) is classed as being 'fine'

    hope it resolves soon. the leg circling etc also mentioned above is quite good - as is massaging his tummy with gentile stokes round (there should be some other ones on the internet somehwere)

    comfort milk sometimes gives babies constipation (its catch 22) so persevere and try those things. As for wind problems have you tried colosynth granules? they are expesnive but worked for us better than infacol etc.

  • Hi hun, just afer i had C my midwife said if i couldnt get her to go to massage her feet, something to do with reflexology.xxxxxxx
  • no i havent offered cooled boiled water, wasnt sure if i was able to as he is still so young image

    i didnt realise the comfort milk can cause constipation, god it isnt half a catch 22. As I say he has been a bit unsettled on and off the past couple of days but it could have nothing to do with his bottom lol.

    We usually find the infacol works but he is still windy down below and frequently tries to blow my fingers away when cuddling him lol. Might try the reflexology. Never heard of colosynth granules Lauz, can we get them from the pharmacy without a script??

    Thanks again for your advice girls, much appreciated!!
  • yup,cooled boiled water and lay him on his tummy image
  • doh double post image
  • My hv recommended adding an extra ounce to my little ones bottle when she was constipated. We've done it a couple of times and it had a pretty instant effect! She said it is a short term thing though - not to do it for several bottles if that makes sense? We just done it once and it seemed go clear her out! Xxx
  • Has he been on infacol and you've now stopped it?

    Stopping Infacol when my DD was little caused horrific constipation- we had to restart it at every feed and gradually wean her off it to get her little body back to normal. Evil stuff.
  • yeah you buy the colosynth granules over the counter - i got them in boots at the pharmacy bit (some gps will prescribe them but most wont as they are a sort of herbal thing and you put some on a wee spoon and give them to your little one to disolve on tounge but are suitable from birth. we dont use a dummy but if you do you could dab the dummy in them to give which might be easier (i was a bad mummy and would use a finger lol) i think they cost us about ??8 and lasted about a fortnight.

    my dd didnt have colic (i think she might have had a touch of it but was mainly just windy) i tried infacol at first then switched to them and thought she was more settled...sometimes its trial and error and while they dont work for all babies i know alot of mums swear by them so might be worth a go?

    Comfort milk 'can' cause constipation although alot of babies are fine on it some arent so it could be that, could be wind in general, could be constipation or something else - its so hard to tell when they're wee! I would try the cool boiled water and see if that helps as its often quite effective. You can give an extra oz of water in the bottle if its only way to get him to take it but you would be better giving it on its own in between feeds and hopefully that and a bit of massage will help.

    water isnt needed at his age as he is so young and gets all he needs from milk but in terms of constipation it can help get things moving but you might need to try it a few ozs for a few days first to see any effect. Also at 10 weeks things are still 'developing' in his wee body so they can have periods like that of not pooing then go back to 'normal' themselves - main thing is whether he is in pain and struggling to poo or not.

    if in a few days no improvement trying that and he was uncomfortable then you could maybe get some lactulose but hopefully wouldnt be needed as you said it was every 2nd/3rd day he used to go anyway?

    Sorry this is so long- hope it makes some sort of sense lol?

  • An oz of cool boiled water with a teaspoon of pure orange always gets lo moving.
  • warm baths help too. xx
  • Well still no poohy nappy lol....gonna continue with a wee bit cooled boiled water and he is back on his infacol!! Bathing is a bit of a problem here just now as we have no running water - thats been just over a week now image

    Maenad - I didnt realise infacol could have that much of an effect on him, stoopid question but how did you wean your lo off it??

    Thanks again for all the tips!! xx
  • This may sound daft, but I hold ds by his thighs like hes in a potty iykwim - helps him if hes a little binged up
  • I just cut down how much we gave at each feed gradually, over about a week, until she was having hardly any, then we stopped giving it.

    Switched to dentinox and didn't haveany problems with it.
  • YAY...just had a dirty nappy...was rather explosive but better out than in lol. In the end im not sure what worked, combination of leg cycling/massage, gripe water cooled water and he's back on the infacol image

    Maenad - thanks for advising on infacol weaning, think we will stick with it but at least i know i cant wean him off it cold turkey lol. xx
  • good im glad he pooed and hopefully he will be a bit more comfortable.

    just to say with infacol i didnt have any probs when i took my dd off it. initially i did 'wean' down in that i gave 1ml before all feeds i think until she was 3 months then i cut it down to 0.5mls at all feeds for a few days then just every second feed then took her off it i think she was about 4.5 months when we stopped.

  • My hv suggested 5ml pure apple juice with 20ml cooled boiled water. It definitely worked at that age, but was a BIG struggle to get her to drink it.

    There is a pressure point just behind the bum you can press that also helps them to poo immediately. You can feel it as it's a small dimple about a centimeter away from their bum and if you put light pressure on it, it really does work.
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