Video Baby Monitors - please help!!

Hi all,

Its nearing the time for us to move our little

angel into her own room - but i am really not

looking forward to it! I currently have the motion

sensor mat monitor which i use all the time when shes

asleep in her cot.

However - i would like to invest in a video monitor

for when she goes into her own room.

Have seen a number of them on the market - but am

looking for some reviews from some real Mummys - on

which ones are the best/worst etc..

Thanks in advance....

Ps if any techno people know of another way? of doing this

i.e. webcam or Iphone applications - please let me know

thanks xx


  • hi, we have the 'lindam clarity' video monitor and i think its pretty good. We bought it for when our litle girl moved into her own room and we still use it every night (shes 19 months now) its just reasuring to be able to see her. It did cost quite a bit but i think it was worth it.
  • g/c from dif but i did see an advert for the new angelcare movement & sound model which incorporates a video monitor!! its due out in feb xxx
  • I have the new tomy one and it is really fab good picture excellent sound and couldn't recommend it enough really helps me relax if you turn the volume right up you can always hear him breathing lol also has a temperature indicator on the screen which is great too as i am also a nut about babies being too warm sids etc xx
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