How to start weaning?

Morning ladies,

My little girl is 17 weeks this week- I'm actually sad as I type that! Where on earth has the time gone?!

I have been reading up on weaning, although I still have a bit to go, I want to be fully prepared. Eva has bad reflux so we may even start a little earlier, as the HV has said it will help combat the sickness.

Just wanted to see how you ladies started? How does it work in terms of still giving her bottles? Is baby rice the best thing to start with, or should I start with proper food?

Any hints or tips would be great! Xxx


  • I've got a while to go too as ds2 is only 18 weeks. With ds1 I started at 5 and a half months. He flat refused to take solids though so I waited until 6 months exactly and he took to it immediately. For the first couple of days he had a small bowl of ground rice mixed with breast milk at lunchtime, expecting him to take a couple of spoonfuls at best but he demolished the entire bowlful. After 2 days I think, I started him on pureed carrot for another couple of days, then sweet potato, butternut squash purees then about a week after we started I tried him on lumpier mixtures and he was fine with it. I didn't drop any feeds (as far as I can remember) until he was taking 3 meals a day but he was bf on demand so I just kind of went with what he needed.
  • I think you should go with the flow with weaning?

    I started to wean my lo at 17/18 weeks and as I was a bit nervous I did baby rice for about a week and a half then swopped it for baby breakfast for maybe another week and a half before moving on to pureed veg.

    Do what you are happy with, as regards bottles they should still have I think 20+ ozs (you might need to look that up lol) so it shouldn't replace milk at that early stage I would say? image
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