Where do you buy from?

Can you please help me. I currently have 10 Bungenious birth to potty nappies ( I am washing like a trouper!!). I bought these from mothercare but they no longer appear to sell them. I am not sure where else to buy from. Also I am having trouble with absorbancy, when she wees it pools on the top and then seeps out the leg. Am I washing them wrong? Any suggestions appreciated. I am thinking to switching to tots bots, opionions from other users appreciated but I do want the birth to potty ones x thanks ladies x


  • I've no advice re the leaking nappies, other than maybe putting in extra inserts.

    However, I tried a Totsbots from Tesco and while it was ok, I don't like it as much as the BG's. It takes longer to dry, it doesn't seem as big (my lo is 19 months old, so won't last as long as the BGs) and doesn't have a stay dry core like the BG, so unless you use fleece liners (I don't, I use disposables) then the wee is almost in direct contact with baby's bum, and baby will constantly feel wet. I will still use my Tots bot nappy, but I won't be buying any more of them.

    I've so far bought all mine from Babipur, although there are a few places online that do good deals with free postage.
  • Hey,

    If you're happy with bg V3 rather than 4 babame.com have them for 11.50 each at the mo as they're selling off the V3 stock.

    R x
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