How to introduce daytime naps?

Hi ladies,

My LO is 17 weeks this week, and has a sleep after most bottles. At nights, she goes down about 7 .30 and sleeps until 5am ish, takes a bottle and then sleeps until 7.30ish.

She has reflux so putting her down after a feed is sometimes problematic - she throws up everywhere!

I'd like to try and get her to sleep in her cot for naps, instead of my arms, or the carrycot, which sits in the living room.

I've just put her down in her cot under a blanket, and she's sleeping. Should I just start putting her in her cot after every feed when she is tired? Should I put her in her sleeping bag?

I'm concerned that if I start putting her in her cot during the day it will disrupt her nighttime sleep?

Any tips?

Thanks ladies xxx


  • My lo only used to sleep in my arms and I started putting her in her cot bed. I just waited until she was asleep in my arms and then took her up, laid her down and put a blanket on her (she sleeps in a sleeping bag at night). She's nearly 11 months now and we still do the same as it's rare that she will be put down in her bed for a nap whilst she's awake.

    It sounds like you're doing fine anyway? There's no reason it should disrupt her night time sleeping at all as she should still be having quite lengthy daytime naps at that age anyway, good to get her to realise that her bedroom and her bed mean sleep image
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