Constant crying, aaarrgghh!!!

Morning ladies, I really need some advice. Daniel is 6 weeks old and if his eyes are open he is whinging and/or crying! Nothing we do makes any difference! We give him his bottles between 3 and 4 hours and he takes between 5oz to 6 oz (except morning bottle when he might take 8oz!). He will then either fall asleep or cry and whinge. We've tried everything we can think of: holding him, rocking, walking round, putting him in his bouncy chair, on his playmat, in his moses basket, just laid on the rug, laid on sofa, laid on our legs, sat up with his back to our chest, I've even tried singing to him and just talking to him, plus leaving him to cry for a few minutes. We check all the usual stuff, wet nappy, too hot or cold, hungry, tired, lonely and are now at at total loss, if he doesn't have a bottle in his mouth or his eyes shut he is crying! He is on Infacol as he struggles to bring up wind, but we do manage to get a sufficient amount up (plus he doesn't bring his knees up)so it can't be colic/wind, and the crying isn't like that of a baby in pain.

Nothing we do seems to work and it's driving me mad, he just seems so miserable all the time and DH is back at work tomorrow after 2 weeks off and I'm dreading it! I have no car at the moment so can't go to my parents for a break, and its nigh on impossible using a bus with a pram and a toddler, and there's no direct bus to my mums so I would have to get two buses there and back!

Any help will be much appreciated.

Sam, Harrison & Daniel

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  • You poor thing sounds very challenging. Don't have any advice I'm afraid but I was about to write a similar post as this is what my baby is doing but at night. During the day she is amazing very happy where ever you put her etc but at night she screams and screams for between 4 to 6 hours. Like you we change her nappy, feed her (breast), burp her (we are also using infacol with her though her wind now seems to be under control). If she does fall to sleep in our arms she wakes up and screams as soon as she is put down, yet she doesn't during the day.

    Hope you get some helpful advice from your thread, gonna steal some of the ideas! x x
  • Poor you! Some days are bloody tough eh? Eva has days like this and it is just trial and error to get her to settle. There is nothing wrong with her, so it's just about trying to settle her. Other than what you have tried, with Eva, lying her on the floor in front of the TV can sometimes settle her - she loves to watch the colours. Othertimes, lying in the bathroom with her tights off so she can kick her legs - the bathroom is a warm room and has spotlights which she likes to watch. Other days, the only thing that settles her is a walk.

    Could your little one be teething? Eva was a blimmin grump when they started coming in - she was only about 10 weeks.

    I hope something settles him soon, poor wee man xxx
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