Green poo in a 6mo - help!

Hey ladies, can anyone please help me?

My son is 6 months old and is ebf, we are just starting solids and trying the odd bit of finger food.

Night before last was awful, he kept waking up and didn't settle until I brought him into bed with me.

Yesterday he did 6 green poos, very unlike him, he can go a while between movements which I know is normal for a bf baby but 6 times a day is most certainly not normal for him! He napped fine during the day, we put him to bed at 7.30 but he woke up at 8.10 and didn't end up going to sleep until 12, when he fell asleep on me. He screamed blue murder if we tried putting him in his cot and we comforted him but he was just not happy. After the second night feed he wouldn't settle in his cot so brought him back into bed and he fell asleep instantly!

He has no teeth yet but has bad days with red cheeks and he constantly noms anything he can get his hands on!

If anyone can shed light on the green poop that would be greatm he's had 2 already and we got up at 9.30!

Thanks! xx


  • I haven't got any great advice but didn't want to R&R. Maybe he could have picked up a bug and the weaning is coincidental, obviously just do all the usual things trying to keep his fluid intake up etc - which you would I know. It might also be worth just keeping a record of what food he has had in case something specific triggers it. Or it might just be his bodies way of dealing with the weaning - sorry its crap advice !!

    Maybe see how he goes today and if it contionues book him to be seen first thing tomorrow morning. Or today if he gets dehydrated. My lo got a bug last winter she was nearly two and she developed dehydration really quickly, but she was vomiting as well as the poo (it wasn't green though it was extremely offensive you could tell it was a bug iykwim??).

    Hope it all settles soon and hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about - sorry for my waffle x x
  • Could be all related to teething, you find that it can take a long time for the teeth to work there way through the gums before pushing through.

    My eldest gets a cold, red cheeks, runny poo and doesn't sleep well if his having a tooth come through so it could be your lo way of dealing.

    As already said make sure lots of fluids to stop dehydration but green poo in bf can be normal and you have only just started weaning so it would not change much yet.

    Hope it is all ok soon
  • Thanks ladies, he seems well enough in himself, we think he's found a new strangling cry and hated going down for his nap and he doesn't have a temp. Currently blowing raspberries at Daddy!

    He seems to want more comforting than usual, I really hope if it is a toothy thing that it pops through soon!

    I'll take him to get weighed at our clinic tomorrow and see what they say!

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