Night feeds - any ideas?

Hi ladies.

My LO used to go atleast 5 hours at night between feeds so that he would only wake up once in the night about 3.30am. On occasion he would even go 6 or 7 hours. In the last week though the gap between night feeds seems to be getting smaller and smaller. He is now waking twice in the night for food!I haven;t changed anything and I thought he had had his growth spurt last week - he is almost 13 weeks. SO I am not convinced it is that.

His day feeds have also been changing slightly - he used to go 3 hours on the dot but they also seem to be coming forward slightly to sometimes just 2 and a half hours. He is on 7oz bottles - he will completely empty about 2 of them a day. The other bottles he will take about 6 to 6 and a half oz.

Anybody got any ideas? I thought babies were meant to start going longer in the night not shorter lol!!

Thans in advance



  • g/c from toddler - dont dismiss the growth spurt its not unusual to go through it at this age and it lasts longer than a week.

    My dd went through one around 9 weeks and began taking 6ozs every hour to hour and a half (exhausting), in the end I changed to a hungrier baby formula on the suggestion of my hv and within a fortnight she had stopped taking so much (we even dropped an oz) and she began sleeping 6pm-6am by 12 weeks.
  • I agree with lambchop that it sounds like a growth spurt and hopefully things will settle back down again - I remember just going with the flow with lo (now 7 months) and sometimes felt it was 2 steps forward and then 3 back lol - it did settle down eventually though from around 4-5 months. The number of times I said "ooh she's sleeping loads" and then she changed her routine to prove me wrong aaaghhh! lol xx
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