Maternity pay question!

Hi all,

Anyone know how maternity packages work?

At my work place we only get statutory maternity pay!

So first 6 weeks at 90% of wage and then ??124 (or whatever it is) after that up to 9 months! We can then take 3 months unpaid!

My question is if I go back after my current maternity leave and am 13 weeks pregnant with this baby will I still get the same maternity package?




  • yes because your maternity package is worked out on an average of your wages from the 15th to the 25th week of pregnancy.

    I am now almost 19 weeks pregnant and only back to work a week, i nede to work a few extra hours to make sure mine is ok but going back at 13 weeks is fine. x
  • Yeah depends on the amount of hours you will be working.

    I made this mistake i had to drop some hours last year before i tried to TTC and then when i did fall pregnant and requested maternity leave they informed me they didnt have to pay me SMP so i now have to apply for maternity allowance
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