Sitting up support

Hi guys,

My lo is starting to sit up now and I was hoping to get something to support him as he likes to lunge forwards or backwards at any given moment. Does anyone have any recommendations for a ring type support cushion for him?

Many thanks,

Niene x


  • I got an inflatable support from ELC and it's been amazing! Lo can't sit unaided on the floor yet but if I pop her against this then she sits for ages and rights herself if she starts to lean or bounce backwards! Really pleased with it image

    The picture doesn't show it very well for sitting, but effectively it's a play mat and the two cushions sit on top of each other (sticky pads and ties) so she sits against them x,default,pd.html
  • I was wondering this too... have heard of Bumbos but been given mixed reviews of them... will watch your thread with interest!! x
  • I have the sit me up from ELC too and LO loves it. She's got 2 in fact :lol: We were given one and she got one for xmas. I leave one as the nest and one in the sitting up position. x
  • Niene we got T the Galt Farm playnest for her Xmas and it's FAB it's a big inflatable ring and she sits in the middle of it, she can lunge back and forward on to her tummy back or side, or sit straight up in the middle and practice reaching for toys. Wish I'd bought it so much sooner! It's got wee sensory things round the edge too. FAB. Got it on Amazon.
  • Ooh Tennison I was looking at that one! Looks great, and if it's good enough for Lady T, well I'm sure Feeddie will love it! Haha x
  • haha you can see her in it in her xmas photos on FB, it's fab though, it's inflatable so dead easy to take away, we took to our inlaws over New Year and it was a great comfy familiar seat for her to sit and play in in their house - she has a Bumbo too but I think she is starting to feel a bit restricted in it, and tries to escape! It's still handy for if I want her to sit in the kitchen with me for a while, but our kitchen's tiny and if it was a normal size I could easily carry the Playnest through.
  • ive got a bumbo for him and he loves it, he 2 and half months and supports him so well
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