Weaning - going for the second meal, some advice pls


As it says above really. LO is happy having either baby rice or porridge for breakfast with his milk and normally then goes happily 4 hourly throughout the day (approx, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm).

However the last couple of days (so not just a growth spurt) he hasn't lasted 4 hourly so think he may be ready for another 'meal'

Should I try him at his 12pm feed on a little baby rice/pureed carrot/potato? Or am I better giving him his 12pm milk and then some 'solids' at 2pm ish and then milk again at 4pm?

Is that the next step to take?

He was premature so not ready for finger food just yet but still hungry!!

Any advice welcome



  • You can introduce a pureed root veg at lunchtime. You might just have to move the bottle to an hour after/before the food. Some people prefer to give milk after the meal, others before. Personally I gave meal then milk.

    I started out with one meal a day for a week, then 2 meals for a week, then we were on 3. Once established it was:

    7am bottle

    9am breakfast

    11am bottle

    1pm lunch

    3pm bottle

    5pm dinner

    7pm bottle

    10pm dreamfeed

    We still pretty much do that, but James dropped the 11am bottle. Will stop the 3pm one at some point, as he's showing no inclination! :lol: HTH xx
  • we started with tea at 530pm as she was hungrier then, then introduced lunch. I offer her some milk first at 11am (she only ever wants 1 or 2 oz basically to wet her lips!) then I do lunch at 11.30am then she finishes her milk feed off afterwards, and before her nap. I am about to introduce a third meal of breakfast next week, I feel like I am always feeding!
  • It may sound a bit selfish of me but the second meal I introduced was at tea-time at around 4.30pm - which meant it was still easy when out and about during the day to just give her milk - just something for you to think about lol. Am now using lunch as the meal to introduce finger foods so if no high chair she sits up in her pushchair with rice cakes etc quite happily.

    We tried individual tastes to start with e.g. carrot, pear, apple, butternut squash, parsnip.

  • Thanks guys

    Have given him some 'lunch' and he seeme dmore than happy to have it, will go onto veggies later in week but for now he has had baby rice.

    Totally understand the lunchtime feed being food is a pain and he may well eb better with finger food at that time and will try that in a coupleof weeks, cos he is prem he is slo at progressing through the mush - lumps - finger food phases.

    Thanks all

  • Don't feel pressured to do things too quickly flower, although I started weaning earlier than 6 months I only introduced lunch recently, and took it all very slowly before then. The mantra tends to be "food is for fun" for the first year and the milk gives all the nutrients required during the weaning stage - although having said that I have found lo has dropped a lot of milk very quickly so am topping up with things like yogurt, milk with weetabix etc.

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