Has anyone used a Pink Lining changing bag?

I'm desperately looking for the perfect changing bag, and I've found a lovely Pink Lining one, but would like to know people's experiences of these bags before buying one.

With my last ds I had the changing bag that came with the M&P Pliko, but that didn't fit hardly anything into it, so I ended up using the free Boots one for a while, and that wasn't that great for my needs either.

Now I'm going to have 2 children under the age of 2 I really need a changing bag that's spacious enough to fit all the things the babies need, as well as my bits and bobs.

Are the Pink Lining bags spacious enough, or will I need one of their bigger hospital/weekend bags?

This is the link to the one I'm thinking of, but just not sure if it's maybe too big?


Thanks in advance

Tracy x


  • I have got a pink lining changing bag (that a lovely mummy bought for me image she will probably read this). Its great I love it to bits, but i have to say sometimes it can be a bit of a squeeze but there are pockets for everything and I do carry everything for any given situation!! I also have 2 children one 2 y/o and 10 week old.

    hth x x
  • Gosh, it's lovely isn't it? I really like it but it is perhaps a bit on the expensive side for me! If you'd use it religiously then maybe it's the bag for you! Plus, a posh handbag would be much more expensive than this and this one looks so nice.
  • I've had 2 Pink Lining bags (one for each of my babies 2 years apart!) this time I went for a bit smaller one a Tote bag and its gorgeous and still manage to fit everything in for baby and toddler!Everyone comments on it worth every penny imo!x
  • love love love love it!!!! its perfect!! x x x
  • I got a yummy mummy changing bag when my LO was born and he is now 1 and I still love it! I thought if I was going to be using this bag every day then I may as well get something I really liked as I wouldn't be using a handbag!

    I only have 1, but I find it big enough and I pack it full of nappies, wipes, spare clothes, snacks, drinks, etc. I do however use the changing mat that came in the boots freebie changing bag though as the mat was quite small, but also my hubbie thought it was a bit girly for my little boy!

  • they are fab!

    i have this on http://www.pinklining.co.uk/shop/changing-bags/yummy-mummys/yummy-mummy-pink-stripe-and-butterflies-laminate

    i use reusable nappies which can be quite bulky, normally have 2 drinks in it (bottle of milk and beaker of water) snacks, bowl, cultery and then i have medical supplies i have to carry and my purse and all fits lovely in there. i only got my bag when my LO was 11 months old for mothersday

    and i got a smaller one from an nct sale for when i just nip out, whihc they dont seem to have on their website.
  • I have one too and I find it's fine for my two - DD is 2 and a half and I only take out her spare knickers and drink. For DS (6 weeks) I take nappies, change of clothes, bottle etc etc. When we go out for the whole day I do take my oioi changing bag as I can fit lots more in it (and hubby will carry it as it's not pink like my pink lining one!)

    Anyway I am pleased with mine, hope this helps. x
  • Thanks for all your replies girls - I'm starting to get the impression that i don't need the bigger hospital sized bag, and would be just as well off getting one of the smaller ones.

    Thanks for your help - I'll definately be getting something from there. It will be the first time I've splashed out on a something nice for myself for a while, and I think I deserve to be spoilt for once.image
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