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sleeping with bib on

Am I being too daft? My dd sleeps with a bib on top of her sleeping bag as she's usually sick after a feed. This way I dont need to change the vest, sleepsuit and sleeping bag, just the bib. I also put a muslin under her head so that I can change that instead of the sheet. Do you think it's at all dangerous to let her sleep with a bib on? Does anyone else leave the bib on their baby? I feel like she's constantly in bibs! She's 12 weeks btw.


  • I have to say im probably silly but i wouldnt put a bib on my lo, sick or not id be afraid of it going back over the face and smothering her. Each to their own though, if you have been doing it all along then i suppose its not going to make a big differance. x
  • I've worked in a nursery for a few years, and we're taught never to let a baby sleep with a bib on, for the reasons that no3bump said. She's right though, it is your little one and if it works for you, then don't worry too much. I used to put a muslin under my LO's head as he had bad reflux, but didn't leave bibs on.
  • I'm starting to feel that I shouldn't be leaving her bib on! She does do some nice projectile vomitting which the bib catches. I am worried now that it could be a choking hazard. I have seen her sleeping with the bib over her face but she had her head to the side and they aren't plastic backed so she can breathe through them. I sound like a really bad mum now don't I?
  • I also put a muslin under my LO's head as she is a sicky baby but wouldn't feel comfortable leaving a bib on her though! I'm not saying it's right or wrong just not for me!


  • My LO has slept with a bib on in the past as also had reflux, we used some from H and M which were quite small, so would catch sick but not big enough to cover nose if they fell on the face

    Hope that helps

  • I would worry about it getting tangled - possible chance of it strangling (especially when she's a bit bigger and wriggles more). I would say for supervised naps? Or maybe until she nods off - then whip it off?

    I used to leave a a muslin tucked in around the top part of the basket when my boys were 'sicky'.

  • My dd is sicky and lives in bibs, but I always take them off when she goes to bed. When she was tiny and sleeping in the moses basket in the lounge and I was there to keep an eye on her, I'd sometimes leave it on, but now she's upstairs in her own I always take it off - I worry it'd go over her face or she'd get tangled in at or it'd get tight round her neck while she was fidgeting.
  • I also put a muslin under LO's head and before we used sleeping bags she used to sleep in a bib, she was less than 6weeks though and didn't fidget like she does now. I only stopped because it seemed like an awful lot to have around her neck - a vest, sleepsuit, sleeping bag and then a bib too. I have a sniff of Isabelles sleeping bag and muslin every morning to see if it smells of sick and she is a lot more sick in the day than at night, it's not very often it does smell. I stopped winding her during the night and she was sick less, figured her insides are more relaxed?! x
  • Hi my dd is a sicky baby so lives in bibs. I take her bib off at night but not during naps. She also sleeps on a sheet which is over her cot sheet to catch the sick. (it used to b a muslin when she was in Moses basket) my dd loves putting things over her face & when I check on her I have to remove whatever it is- muslin, taggy blanket, blanket which acts as a side bumper. It does worry me that shell suffocate. But their her soothers. Think I'm a bad mum too!
  • Charlie (16 weeks) often sleeps with a bib on. But those silly little milk bibs would be useless for him, he has the full-on weaning ones with arms. He also sleeps in a bouncy chair as he can't be reclined and is surrounded by bath towels as he can vomit up to a meter away. It's hard to judge your case without really knowing the volume of reflux but without a bib I would have to change his baby grow 3x a night (he already gets through 4 outfits during the day), which would affect his sleep significantly. What I do is put the bib over the top of his blankets but then use a towel on top of that to hold down the main part of the bib so it doesn't flap up.

    H xx
  • thanks cp781 and blondefriend. You have made me feel a bit better and less guilty about leaving dd with her bib on for the past 12 weeks. I took it off last night and had to chnage the muslin under her head 4 times. Her sleeping bag was wet at the shoulder but am just hoping it wasn't wet enough to go through her sleep suit and vest and onto her skin. Blondefriend, she can be projectile but not as far as your wee chap. She loves to nap in her bouncy chair and is often asleep in her carseat before I even get her into the car! I do smell her sheet in the morning to see if it needs changed too. Thanks for all your advice x
  • I would say for the safety of your baby that you don't let her sleep with a bib on. I just don't think I would be able to handle it if something happened because of it. Best of luck!



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