Nappy rash help?

Hi ladies my dd is 6.5 months and has never had nappy rash - sometimes her bum gets a wee bit red but with vaseline as a barrier or a wee smidge of sudocream here and there its been fine.

i use lollipop lane bamboo reuseables but also huggies sometimes and i use the huggies pure wipes to clean her bum - used water the first 3 months or so but then it was easier to use them and she was fine and i dont use any products or bubble bath or anything on here.

she used to poo once or twice a day but since we started weaning (at 23 weeks) she started pooing ALL THE TIME! We now have 3-4 small poos a day and im not worried (and been told its nothing to worry about) as they arent loose or solid either - tmi but they are like wee mini 'normal' poos and i think the squeezing them out although she doesnt struggle as such might be irritaing her wee was quite red last week and over the weekend looked quite sore and is now almost at the point where a small bit of skin is looking red and like it will break image( i dont know what to do as she must be soo uncomfortable...

i give her plenty of nappy free time to air it, change her nappy every few hours and as soon as she poos (she makes a wee face so you know when she has gone) and as well as sudocream and the vaseline i have tried metanium and bepanthem (a few days each) and none are helping and i dont want to keep wacking things on it incase that makes it worse but i also tried leaving it and that did make it worse! i even tried some epaderm which i have found great for lots of things lol.

please can anyone share anything you have found to work as i dont want the skin to break down completely.

She is a bit of a nightmare with teething just now - constantly flushed cheeks, drooling all the time, fingers and everything jammed in her mouth, bites her thumb or my thumb if i put it in her mouth (have just ordered an amber teething anklet) and while she has a few rough feeling bits in her gums and white bits she still has no sign of a teeth coming through and i am thinking that could also be irritating her bum.

Thanks, sorry for long post.



  • Hey Lauz. M had nappy rash when she was just a couple of weeks old and I was beside myself because nothing would get rid of it. Someone on here recommended Calendula cream (I think that's what it's called anyway - if not, it's very similar to that). You get it with all the herbal treatments in Boots.

    HTH x
  • Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream. The business!

    Bepanthen is good too but perhaps not with reusables as it can stain.

    I'd also ditch the huggies wipes and use fabric wipes - chopped up old towels/flannels are fine, you don't need anything fancy - with a gentle wash solution. Cooled chamomile tea works wonders, perhaps with a splash of olive oil mixed in to shift poo and soften and soothe skin. You actually wouldn't believe the crap that's in commercialbaby wipes that can irritate already angry skin.
  • William has bad nappy rash at the moment. I think the only cure is exposure to air, so i have literally left his nappy off all day today and its slowly starting to dry up.

    Our doctor also suggested using a flannel with warm water to wipe the area instead of wipes until it has dried up. I have given up on creams as i just dont think they are working and just irritating the area even more. Poor little things image

  • Hi,

    I swear by Bepanthen - it's a lovely silky barrier cream and we slap it on at every nappy change.

    I also use cloth wipes just with water and a few drops of chamomile essential oil. I read the ingredients on a packet of wipes and it was terrifying!


    B x
  • thanks ladies,

    i meant to say - i do have resuable flannel wipe things (from lollipop with my nappies) but have been using the pure huggies wipe as i wash/dry them as she is pooing so much - i have also been using cotton wool the past few days mstead if i have no wipes and plain water. i prefer to do this but usually use the huggies when out and about as have sometimes had problems changing her and needed them and she has been fine with it so i dont think its the wipes or the disposables (although i prefer not using them)

    the bepanthen doesnt seem to be mazking any difference ans nor did the metanium - i am now a bit concerned about the poo as its quite formed? not hard or dry but still formed and i think while she isnt constipated she needs more water - problem is she wont take it! i have a sippy and a doidy cup and i even tried a few oz in a bottle today and after about 20mins she took an oz! i think if i can soften it down a little she wont have to push out what looks like 'proper' poos which may help a little and also she may be able to get more out in one go if that makes sense?

    im giving her nappy free time but that equals poo everywhere time lol - i just want it to go away as between that and the teething she is a nitrmare at the minute when she is nortmally so smiley and happy and im so upset i cant help her image i shall get the calendula today and try that then thanks x
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