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Hi ladies,

Benjamin is 9 months old ( image ) and keeps spitting his vitamin drops out - I don't blame him as they do taste awful - does anyone use a different make which are a bit more appetising?? Or have a clever way of getting them into LO? I thought about putting them into his porridge but it's the only food that he loves & I don't want to scare him off it!


Ruth xx


  • I know - yuck! M has hers in her bedtime bottle. Or what about putting it in his juice? x
  • Hi hun!

    Yeah, could do. But Benjamin will only drink out of doidy cups so we have about 50% spillage each time...hmmmmm!! I know you can get a liquid which they have a few mls of, might give that a whirl...

    Hope you've had a lovely Christmas and hogmanay!!

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