Child trust funds - who are you with?

Just wondered if anyone has got any good deals???

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  • Someone must be more organised than me and have set theirs up??

  • hi there, i'm just nosing from toddler so thought i'd reply!!!

    my son is now 3 but I went with Britannica when he was a baby and I chose this one as it was recommended on the Martin Lewis' website if you go to his site and search for child trust funds he'll give you the low down on the best one to go with at the time. he's also got lots of good advice about them too

    good luck its a mine field!!! x
  • We went with Family Investments as they did an ethical fund and that felt important.
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  • we have one with the yorkshire building society, as we just wanted a normal savings as we add to it every month, i would pop onto a compare website to check the interest if you just want a normal account x
  • My DD Is with Nationwide I've banked with them for 25yrs so it felt natural to stick with them as i just wanted a standard savings account i didnt want to mess about with them selling share on her behalf. We put money in when possible and then yearly she has her interest paid to her and also get a bonus depending on how much we've added too it.
  • I havent done it yet but we are going to open a savings account with the yorkshire building society, mostly cos its the only place locally that I can open a ctf savings account xx
  • Thanks ladies. Think Nationwide for ease as that's who we're with too. Brilliant, will add it to my 'to do' list.... :roll:

  • ive done mine with hsbc over the internet

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