Thrashing with arms when feeding

Hi all,

Sophie is 16 weeks old and formula fed. When she has a bottle she tends to get quite vicious with her arms and I wondered if anyone knew how to get her to be a little calmer!

She is often okay for the first little bit of her feed, but sometimes it starts from the beginning. She'll try and push the bottle out of the way (unintentionally I think) and grab hold of somethings and just generally push her hands around quite forcefully either onto the bottle, my hand/arm or her other hand. She also quite often rubs her feet together whilst doing it.

Sometimes it's as if she's trying to hold her own bottle, but she's not coordinated enough to it yet, and if I don't hold the bottle tight enough she'll yank it out of her mouth with her hands.

It's as if she seems frustrated almost, she is on a size 2 teat and finishes the bottle in about 15-20 minutes. I have tried the size 3 teats but she then sicks up some of her feed because she drinks it too quickly.

I've tried giving her something to play with in her hands so that she occupy them, but that doesn't tend to work either! It's quite frustrating as it does get to be a bit of a fight with her to stop her knocking the bottle out of her mouth!

Does anyone know how I might be able to get her to be a bit calmer during her feeds?


Kat x
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