organising a wedding abroad and getting married with a 18month old

I'm hopefully getting married this Septmenber, if we can get one orgnaised in time! lol.

We are hoping to get married abroad so I was hoping people might be able to help me in finding a good place to go and any good wedding co ordinators?

I love greece and we have also been thinking abouit majorcia as it is so family friendly. Olly will be around 18 months in Sept 2011 so want somewhere where it will be good for little ones, not too warm and also straight forward travel.

Anyone with any experiences of nice places or ideas please let me know xx


  • Hi,

    I didn't get married abroad but a friend of mine is a wedding planner in Italy and we went to her wedding in july which was amazing!!

    She lives near Bologna and does weddings in Tuscany I think amongst other places.

    If your interested let me know and I can message u her info.

    Good luck x
  • OH would love to get married on Italy but I have to say Tuscany sounds lovely too!!! I'm going to disucss with him tonight and I'll let you know.

    Thanks for replyingimage x
  • We got married in Bali, and Thomson Travel organised everything for us, and it was the most beautiful day!

    I wouldn't recommend you go all that way with an 18 month old (I'm dying to go back, but have an 18 month old of my own and wouldn't want to fly that far with him) but I'd definately recommend Thomsons as they organised absolutely everything, and cover a wide range of destinations - all of which look absolutely stunning.

    I hope that wherever you choose you have a fabulous day

  • I got married in Bled Slovenia which was just picture perfect. Castle wedding followed by boat trip to the island to ring the church bell for luck, back to the castle for bottling of our own wine and then the most amazing dinner in the restaurant. Also massive bottle of sparkling opened with a sword. This was all arranged by a planner who I can recommended if your interested.

    Check out pictures of the place at

    Also if your interested I can link you to my wedding photos on Facebook.

    Also my sister got married in Bali which the travel agent arranged. Was a lovely day and had her then 11 month old with her.
  • Lake Bled!! I know it and have been. When we went we said this would be a beautiful place to get married. Can I ask, how long did you stey there and whihc hotel did you stay in?

    We were staying in Austria and crossed the border for a day so did not get chance to see much and it was chucking it down all day lol! I was just worried there might not be much to do with a little one?

    I can't believe you got married beautiful! x
  • We got married in paphos, Cyprus and used igor at He was amazing and arranged everything. It was the most relaxing way to plan a wedding and the Cypriot people are very child friendly.

    You mentioned Majorca as a possibility, you might want to look into that as when we got married in 2008 you needed to stay in Spain for 3 months before you could get married but it might have changed in the last few years.

    Good luck with your planning, it's the most amazing time.

    YC x
  • We got married in Grenada and we booked through Virgin, they arranged it all and then the hotel wedding planner when we got there arranged the flowers etc (she was included in package price) x
  • We stayed in hotel lovec, which was expensive but lovely we had a room with a view of the lake and a jucuzzi bath in the window which was great. Stayed for a week and a half as we wanted to do Christmas and new year out there ( got married on the 28th).

    My parents stayed in a lovely apartment next to our hotel which also had lake views plus I was shown a brilliant lake side house we could of hired if everyone was going to be coming out for the same amount of time. I can give you all the detail if your interested.

    My planners where they were great just make sure you go through all the details with them.
  • I am G/C but I saw this on the front page and thought I would just add a quick recommendation.

    I got married 2 years ago in Lindos, Rhodes. I had never been there before and I got a co-ordinator company to help me with it as I didnt want to do it alone, but I didnt want to go via a travel company. They were AMAZING. They are called (simply) Lindos Weddings and their names are Karen and Lawrence. I really cannot recommend them enough!!! We ended up with 40 people coming with us to Lindos to share our day and that included our 18 month old neice and they were so helpful. They did a UK visit to go through everything with you, you choose everything without being told its impossible.

    You need to be there for 5 days before you get married which I didnt think was too long, plus it gives you time to get a lovely tan before hand image

    I fell in love with the island and I could gush about it all day long so I will stop typing before I get carried away. If you want anymore information then feel free to email me (or find me in Due In Jan... although hopefully not for too much longer image )

    Good Luck with whatever you decide, and enjoy every second. It really is one of the best days ever and I would do it abroad again in a heartbeat!!
  • Thank you everyone for replying.

    Poppygir1 - I agree, long haul is really too much with a little one but thanks for the Thomspon reccommendation. If I do go through a travel agent I will used Thompson as I know they are a good company and also less likely to go bust of something!

    ycchick - My sister got married in Paphos too. It was amazing. She got married at a old church in Paphos and then had the reception at the Annabell hotel. It was so magical. I did wonder about Majorica. My OH said last night that spain can be a difficult place to get married. Although I love holidays, I don't think we'd want to be there for 3 months lol!

    Jodibump - Thanks for futher info. A Christmas wedding is what I orgnially wanted but we decided to bring it forward to Sept if we are going abroad. Also means I can start ttc for baby 2 sooner lol!.

    MrsJandTinkerbell - OMG, I cannot believe you have posted that! Me and OH have decided if we go for Greece then Lindos will be the place we get married!! We think our wedding party will be around 40 too!! I think I may well be contacting you in furture to see where you got married, stayed etc. Good luck with you LO. When are you due?
  • i had 8 months to plan our wdding and we got married in the seychelles last aug',we wennt to a travel counselor and they were fab,we travelled with our 3 1/2 year old and our 20 months old twins,it was a perfect
  • Due in 10 days now so I can start posting in here (Yippee!)

    Lindos is the most beautiful place so if you do want to have a look at some pictures of our day then they are all on Facebook if you are on it. Just contact me and I will send you my info x

    Good Luck with wherever you decide though, but I am a biased Lindos Wife x image
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