Breastfeeding and medication

What a morning! I started getting a migraine yesterday. I've suffered with them for the last 15 years whenever AF visits, and sometimes around ovulation too. They usually last 3 days. After loads of tests, I found a medication that works, called sumatriptan. Through pregnancy, they were still coming, but less frequently and less severe - good thing, as I couldn't take the meds. This morning I woke up with a killer migraine that was closing my eye and making me throw up every time I stood up. As I knew I'd get one at some point I've expressed and frozen breastmilk so that I could feed Cohen and discard my own milk that has been tainted by the meds. BUT - I don't know how long I have to give him the bottle for! I rang NHS direct,... they can;t give me any information on medications for babies under 4 months. I rang my doctors surgery - their phone is out of order! Arghhhh. When pumping with one hand, holding an icepack to my head with the other hand, sick bowl in my lap and rocking Cohen in his chair with my foot, I finally took the tablet through desperation. Now, I feel better, I'm not throwing up, I have a bit of a headache but nothing serious, and I can care for my boy. But now I have to face the challenge of forcing Cohen to take a bottle all day, and all the tears and tantrum that will come with the task image And pump-and-dump inbetween. Erghhh. The hv already warned me it will be hard to get him to take a bottle from me. And this was supposed to be my first day on my own in the new year, friends for coffee in the morning, baby sensory in the afternoon! Any advice for getting him to take the bottle? And any ideas how long I need to do it for? Online I can find advice ranging from 2 hours to 12 hours. I have enough breastmilk for 12 hours, and some formula, just in case.


  • If you call a breast feeding support group like la leche they should be able to help. When I was bfing I had to go on all kinds of meds and they gave me a little handbook of medication rules for bfing mothers that I could show to the doctors because even they didn't know! Unfortunately I don't have the book anymore, hopefully they can help? xx
  • Thanks thats a great idea.
  • I checked the Hale's forum and it seems that sumatriptan is the preferred choice of medication for migraines in nursing mums as transfer to milk and oral bioavailability is low - that meanslittle will pass into your milk and your baby will absorb even less.

    I will see if I can get hold of my BF guru who can give more exact advice but you may not need to pump and dump. Hang fire!
  • Right, Kellymom has it as an approved med, cat c, L3 which means that a rmoderate risk can't be ruled out but that normal doses are unlikely to cause any harm.

    I'd say that if you are only taking an occasional dose, as opposed to every day use, you should be safe to continue feeding.

    It is, of course, entirely your decision and you should consult your doctor rather than listening to a slightly-grouchy-deranged-woman-on-the-internet if you are at ALL concerned. I stress that I have NO MEDICAL TRAINING and am merely passing on info.

    Hope I've helped!
  • Oh, and if you *do* want to pump and dump, everything I've seen regarding breastfeeding and meds suggests doing so for 12 hours after taking the tablet if you are so inclined.

    Right, I really am going now. Hope you're feeling better.
  • Thanks so much! Thats really helpful. He had a bf at 9.30ish before I took the tablet and has only had 2oz of EBM since then - albeit completely trouble free. I might bf again earlier than 12 hours if he won't take more... he's only 6 weeks and he was below his line at the last weigh in.
  • I'm new to all this bottle feeding stuff. It seems to be going okay, in that he's taking it and not grizzling, but only 1.5-2oz at a time before falling asleep. He is also sucking so hard the teat is mis-shapen, sucking itself in. Does he need a faster flow teat?
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