Hey ladies,

Im sure this has been asked a million times but i cant find it anywhere.

All of you that have babies how long did they last in the Newborn clothing? Obviously im not naive enough to think all babies will be the same as it really depends how big they are. If my baby goes with the family tradition he will be at least 8lbs. So i just wanted to know when they go into 0-3 clothing and how long they last in newborn.

I have bought a snowsuit for 0-3 (as he is due in 4 weeks) but not got one for newborn as figured the 0-3 would be ok as just a coat etc?!?



  • Hi hun,

    my LO was 8lb 6oz born and was out of newborn in 8 days as they were too short for him image Having said that, he does still fit in his newborn snowsuit, but I prefer him in his 0-3 one so tend to put him in that.

  • My ds2 was out of newborn in about 2 weeks but 0-3 were too big to start with (he was 7lb 7oz) but at 6 weeks and about 10lb is still in newborn snowsuit and that is still quite big on him and buried him for the first couple of weeks. I got 0-3 for ds1 and he couldn't wear it for ages as it was at least twice as big as he was and he was 7lb 15.5oz when born.

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel

  • Hahahahahaha! Newborn clothes!

    DS was 10lb 12oz born, we didn't even get to sniff newborn clothes!

    DD was 6lb at 4 weeks when she came out of hospital in the middle of August, and she was just going into 0-3months in December, I rememberher first Christmas day outfit was 0-3.

    I'm afraid my experiences are either 'huge baby' or 'prem baby' so I'm little use to you. I think average babies are in NB for maybe a month?

    Doesn't matter if snowsuits are a bit big, just makes them easier to do up over layers of clothing, so I'd say thats fine unless you know you're likely to have a sub 8lb dotty baby.
  • I had a 8'15 baby, she fitted in newborn for all of 1 week. Next time I won't buy any newborn!
  • hahaha shall i go against the grain...

    DD is 1 on friday and had a newborn t-shirt on a christmas day! she wasn't prem either, she was actually a week late! :lol:
  • My LO was just over 8lb at birth but put on weight really slowly so was in newborn clothes for a good 2-3 months.

    I only had a 0-3 snowsuit which swamped so we had to go and get a neborn one which lasted all winter. She now fits in her 3-6 one at just under a year old!

  • Sophia was 7lbs10oz and was in Newborn for 2 months!!! She's only just going into 3-6 at 5 months! xxx
  • DD was 6lb 6oz & was in newborn for about 8 weeks since then she has been about a month before the clothes. e.g. she's outgrown her 6-9 month clothes at around 8 months.
  • ds was 7lbs5oz and he was in tiny baby for a few weeks, and the newborn range (up to 10lbs) seemed to go on forever, he is quite short so there was always plenty of room, he went into 0-3 months at about 9 weeks and didnt move up to 3-6months until he was 5 months despite weighing 18lbs! he was a chunky boy but rather stumpy....bit like his mumma!!
  • Ds was 7lb9oz and we hadn't bought any newborn bits...but had got basic vests and babygrows in up to 1 month (from next & m&s) which I thought was quite a good in-between size, was spacious but didn't swamp him to begin with but lasted longer than newborn would've. We did get, well my mum bought him a few smaller bits as he lost a lot of weight in the first few days but I think he wore it all for less than a week x
  • my lo was in newborn till 12 weeks - she was small born though... i bought some Newborn stuff at johnlewis a few weeks ago (for someone else) and theirs go up to 12lb so it also depends which store stuff is from... asda 0-3 only goes up to 12lb
  • DD was 9lb2 1/2 at birth and she lasted in Newborn for about 2 weeks - she tends to grow out of bodysuits / sleepsuits first as she is quite long so weight isn't the be all and end all of what fits babies. Aila is on 6-9 month sleepsuits but still fits most of her 3-6 clothes except things like dungarees etc

    We had an inkling that baby would be a fair weight so only bought one pack of newborn bodysuits - even at that I went for supermarket ones as they tend to be on the genorous side of sizing- everything else was 0-3. I bought very few clothes before she was born then sent hubby and mum out to buy some after she was born.

    Good luck when the time comes
  • I also bought some 1 month clothes from M&S in favour of newborn clothes for my lo.

    Someone bought be some newborn and my 7lb 14oz baby was only in them for a week if that, but the one month clothes last a month, which was great.

    M&S did a pack with bibs, short sleeved vest, sleep suit, t-shirt and trousers for ??12 (i think) which was great value i thought.
  • hi,

    i found it depends on the shop and how they are made (still does now as she is mainly 6-9 months now but can still get in some 3-6 months and from 'smaller' shops like next needs some 9-12 months!)

    my dd was 8lbs 4oz and from what i can remember we got about 3 weeks out of newborn and then moved fully into 0-3 months she is also quite long.

  • thanks for all your posts ladies. Sounds like in general i will need some newborn and then when my little man ishere i can decide if i need more or if i will be using 0-3 quickly. Also sounds like baby clothes are exactly the same as our clothes, depends which shop its from! lol.

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