tax credits

i currently get ??46.00 tax credits plus CB -??80.00.

with a second child coming what will i now be entitled too? had a look on web and its not that clear.

im a stay at home mum and my husband works full time, and we arent entitled to anything else in terms of benefits as he is on 32k a year.

im not expecting anything, its just a question.


  • hi your income is in the same bracket as ours. obv i cant garenttee what you will get but i had my 2nd baby last year. our tax credits went up from ??40 a month (with 1 child) to ??80 a month (with 2 children)this is for the first year only it then goes back down to ??40 a month.

    with CB it goes from ??80 a month to ??130 (ish) a month- this will stay this way until either one child leaves education at 16 ( i think it is) or the government stop it- i know which i think will come first,lol!!

    hope this helps a little x
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