High Chair recommendations please!

I'm looking to buy a high chair earlier rather than later as I want my daughter to get used to sitting in one, and was wondering if anyone could make a recommendation?

My only criteria is that it can fold away easily. x


  • Hmmm...I know it doesn't fold, but it's very small and does come apart easily, but the IKEA one is FABULOUS!!!!!
  • We've got the chicco polly magic and I think it's fab...can just be a bit awkward to clean but would definitely buy it again. It's suitable from birth, reclines, folds away freestanding and the tray is easily removable for wiping down x
  • I'm buying one soon myself and look forward to hearing the recommendations! The Chico Polly did receive really good reviews though in a recent magazine! xx
  • i cant advise on a specific brand but i would suggest one with a moulded support between the legs, we just got a basic chair with the harness and he was forever slouching down when eating x
  • We've got the Graco Teatime, which was on sale in the Asda baby event, and I can't fault it. If you can wait for the next Baby Event, it's usually there.

    I've also heard good things about the Chicco Happy Snack, which currently is on offer in Mothercare. That one has the moulded bit at the crotch which someone else suggested.

    Happy shopping xx
  • We have the Chicco Happy Snack for Louis and Theo will use that one as Louis moves up into a booster seat.

    It has the plastic moulding in between the legs, for extra support and most importantly - stops slouching!!!

    The seat unit reclines back to 3 different levels.

    The tray can be positioned further away as your LO gets bigger.

    The seat padding comes off, and is wipe clean.

    Has a decent basket underneath to store bibs and colouring books!

    Free standing when folded and folds away easily.

    All in all, a very good buy for the price! xx
  • Oh goody, think I will get the pink happy snack tomorrow, good price at the mo too!!! Woop woop!!!!
  • Hiya do u think the happy snack would be suitable for a 3 month old he isnt small 14lb plus.

    Not to wean hust to sit t table with us. Also does it come in blue?
  • Hiya

    I have the baby bjorn appetite high chair and it is brilliant. It is moulded to hold baby correctly and has the bit between the legs. My LO sits perfectly in it and did from 4 months when I bought it.

    It doesn't have padding and straps (the tray acts as a harness), therefore its really easy to clean.

    Its not cheap but I bought it on offer for ??120 from baby equipment complete.

    We eat out a lot and its small enough to fold and stick in the car - saves using the useless (and dirty) chairs when we are out.
  • If you pad him in with a towel or two, so he doesn't topple and maybe recline it a little - I'm sure it'll be fine. Its nice for them to sit with you at the table! xx
  • Is this the one???


  • Yep thats the one, I found a pic of how we wedged ds1 in it... will upload shortly!! xx
  • http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs102.snc1/4761_117082910578_695755578_2911640_7740036_n.jpg

    He was 24 weeks here! xx
  • Can I ask how do you find the highchair for finger foods when they are younger?

    I have borrowed a Mamma's And Pappa's, Prima Pappa highchair from a friend until I find a highchair that is suitable. I don't like this one because its hard for him to reach finger foods and also have to sit him on a thick blanket so he can sit high enough for the tray. The blanket gets caked in food lol! x
  • I didn't find it too bad really... I used a towel, for him to be propped up with but didn't need to boost him higher with anything.

    If he pushed something out of reach, I'd just push it back or hand it to him directly.

    In the beginning, the highchair is very "roomy" for little ones, but he is now 22 months and still got plenty of growing space in it.

    And, if you don't want the tray on, you can push them up to the table xx
  • just to say i HATE the happy snack...

    we bought it after good reviews on here and dd looks so uncomfortable in it always slouching forward and struggles to reach anything off of the tray (finger foods)

    i didnt put my dd in it until 23 weeks when we started weaning and even now at 29 weeks she doesnt look/fit comfortably in it and im desperate to get rid of it and buy another one (luckily i only paid ??45 or something for it) my dd isnt small she is 91st-98th centile for weight and length.

    I'll see if i can find a pic....

  • we have the Ikea Antilop (under 20 squid for the chair, the inflatable insert and the tray) and so do my folks for when she's there - it's FAB. She can sit in it so easily, it's dead simple to clean and easy to take apart (we took it to our inlaws for New Year and it was a piece of cake to disassemble for the car and put together there - literally one minute each time). She sat in it no bother from 4 months, (when we got it, but she only started weaning at 5) and she LOVES it.
  • Thanks very much for the recommendations! I'm going to Ikea next week so might have a look at their high chairs.

    I liked the look of the happy snack but saw some reviews on Mothercare about it being awkward to put up properly and that it collapsed when one mother was using it - scary though, and that has put me off a little.

    The other one on Mothercare which was on offer (someone mentioned it but can't think of what it's called) looks good though.

    Sarah - Louis looks just like Theo there!! x
  • I think your best off, taking Sophie round and sitting her in some!! Like try before you buy!! haha!

    I know - when I was searching for the picture I thought they looked very similar!! xx
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