3 month old taking 56oz in 24 hours - normal?

Hi ladies.

Have posted before about how much my lo drinking and that he is waking 2 or 3 times a night for feeding (have tried other possibilities it defo hungry. It was common thinking that it was a growth spurt - which I thought perfectly plausible but have been totting it up and LO is taking 7oz (and drinking half of these dry)8 times in 24 hours. I read lo should be drinking 2.5 x his weight - that would be 35 oz!!!

Is this normal? Even for a growth spurt?? Any suggestions?



  • Sorry hun didnt want to read and run, my LO is 6 months old and he is currently taking anything between 28-35oz per day. Sometimes he will take 4x7oz bottles and sometimes he will take 5. To me what your LO is taking sounds like a lot hun but dont let me worry you, a lot of babies are hungrier than others and it does depend on their weight etc. Speak to your health visitor if you are worried.

    Sorry I'm not much help. X
  • i wouldnt worry if hes keeping it down, and not jumping centiles, he would vomit it back up if it was too much for him, at 4 months we were on 8x8oz bottles of hungry baby,
  • It does seem alot, but I only say that because the HV expressed some concern when my lo was taking a higher quantity (35-40oz) than "expected". It steadied out and there wasn't much practical advice the HV offered really other than to be careful of not automatically feeding lo when she might just be bored or thirsty for water (weather was nicer then) and to consider reducing the bottles a bit.

    I did reduce the bottle size by an 1oz throughout the day (left bedtime one and morning once as 7/8oz) and to be honest I don't think lo noticed and this did reduce her intake a little bit so she might have just been a greedy monkey lol.

  • Replied in dio . My lo would happily take 6-7oz but would sick it up and was gaining lb a week so reduced day bottles to 5oz and cluster feed at night he norm has 9oz in 2 hrs last thing. Wakes every 4 hrs in night.He has an oz of water a day too

    He has 35oz of hungry baby. It does seem alot but just check he isnt jumping centille coz my boy was on 75th prem chart and then 98th prem chart.

    But 75th normal chart.

  • Hi thanks for your replies - spoke to HV yesterday and am going to have a go at hungry baby milk and see how it goes.

    care-bear and apple pie - I did try reducing the bottle sizes as I wondered if he was drinking it cos it was there - but he screamed for more afterwards. I had had to put him up to 7oz because he was draining the 6oz and still looking for more. I also made sure that he was definitely hungry by trying other things first to distract him and it was the only thing that stops him crying.

    Fingers crossed this calms him down a bit and leaves him a bit more satisfied!

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