Me and hubby are "looking into" (he says we'll look into it whereas i know he wants to go, but doesnt want to 'rush' things like me lol), moving to either australia or new zealand.

Does anyone have any advice on where to even start or has any experience with this or know any stories from someone who has?

I'd be really greatful for any advice...thankyou!

Kirstie xx


  • we are looking into emigrating that way too. we have only done online assessments so far as we are waiting for hubby to get closer to finishing uni before startng the process properly. there is a forum for people wanting to emigrate.
  • oh thats great thank you so much!

    we are at the very start of everything! how are you getting on with things?

    K x
  • my friend moved to austailia last year and it took them 12 months to see the process through, they both and job offers and the companys helped them finding and securing accomodation, they not as easy going as us so it might be worth looking into all the requirements you need so you can get them into place to make the application smoother

    they love it out there!
  • hi there, My hubby and I immigrated to Canada 7years ago (but came back) and the process for Australia and New Zealand is similar.

    go on the website mentioned above and that will give you all the info you need but it works on a points basis (i.e. age / education / quals / what type of job you do / savings / family over there etc. so you'll need to make sure you have enought points plus you need a certain amount of savings in the bank and I know Australia requires you to have more than canada but I think New Zealand is less and easier to get into.

    we also had to have thorough medicals (chest xrays, aids tests etc). The application took about 2 years for us to be excepted but we didn;t ahve to go for an interview but were interviewed when we'd arrived in Canada. we also weren't allowed to find jobs until we have had landed immigration status and were over there living.

    Hope that helps - good luck!!
  • Hi,we have just moved to australia a few weeks ago.We used a migration agent who lets you no if you are able to go and what visa to apply for it all took about 18 months-2 years but they are quite expensive.You can do it all yourself.If you want to ask me anything else feel free.
  • hey no help sorry but this is intersting - we are hoping to do this in 5-8 yrs time (dont think we'll be in a postion to do it before then sadly so im aiming for 5 lol) hubbys prefernce is new zealand and mine is canada so be stealing any advice this thread offers lol.

  • oh thats great! where did you move to? how did you choose which area was best for you?!

    i think we will be looking at about 5 years too. we have no savings (hubby is rubbish and im not working! not a good start).

    im just getting very confused with which visa to go for and mine and hubbys skills for a job! i am planning on going to college to do a social care course which would qualify me for social work etc - i know that ison the list!

    i would prefer new zealand but we arent really too fussy to be honest. the one which is easiest and cheapest to get into! xx
  • i shall be keeping an eye on this thread...

    hubbys prefernce is new zealand and i always said i wouldnt move away (hes always wanted to go) until i lost my mum a few years ago and i think it would give us a better quality of life.

    we have to save a bit too - hubby is self employed so work would have to be sorted but i can get in as im a nurse. the college course is a good idea x
  • Currently trying to persuade OH to move to Oz or Nz (I love both) but he says it's a 'lovely idea'...pah. I've wanted to live there since I was little so I will carry on with the art of persuasion....
  • G/C but we're going to NZ in june hopefully!!

    Just on a working holiday visa as we are too impatient to wait for a proper visa.

    Both countries are strict on the points system and we have been told to expect to wait 2 years for OZ. For us this is too long and as a primary teacher, which has just been taken off the skills shortage list, we can't go now anyway.

    You will need a job on their list and most require 3 years experience in the job. And if u have a job offer its much easier. My hubby is a plasterer and has been doing big contracts for 5 years but unfortunately doesn't have any qualifications 'on paper' so can't get any points for him.

    I would say that if u were going to train to get into OZ make sure its a job they will still need people for in 5 years (easier said than done) but I chose teaching as a career that could take me to OZ and now I have the qualifications and the experience that they want, they've taken it off the list!!!

    I know a few friends who have managed to get visas and absolutely love it over there and have NO intention of coming back here.

    Good Luck x
  • Hiya I'm not much help sorry but just one thing you may want to look in to (all be it far off) that when your children are older they might not be automaticly entittled to stay there, just something I though you should know x
  • i have been desperate to move since i had my kids. I just think that the lifestyle would be better for us personally!

    plus, i hate the cold lol.

    why would the kids not get in? i thought if they were your dependants then they would be considered at the same time as your application>!

    this really aint no walk in the park is it lol

  • Hi

    We are in western australia as we have family here but may move else where in time and the work situation is alot better here than in the uk there are lots of construction jobs and also nursing jobs, i have got the first job i applied for which is great but it does get very hot here close to 40 most days but the winter is very mild.As for your children if you are on a skilled visa then your partner and all dependent children get permenant visas to live and work here go to school etc my children are 16,13 and 2 and can all stay here,so long as they are under 18 when you apply you can then apply for oz passport once you have been here 5 years so can go back and forth all your life hope that helps
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