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We just wondered what our users' opinions are regarding the current Eastenders baby swap/cot death storyline? All the actors involved are doing a fantastic job conveying the pain and hurt experienced by bereaved parents, but do you think the storyline is credible, and is the programme right to highlight these issues?


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  • the existing post says it all.

    its not believable in the slightest and they have not handled sids in a sensitive way - yes its a 'drama' tv programme and not real life but a sids storyline would have been hard hittong enough without a ridiculous baby swap story line (where the mum doesnt notice its not her baby?) i feel this is going too far and sensastionalises the whole thing and makes the storyline about the baby swap rather than the baby dying. i havent watched it and wont until this story disapears. i can only imagine how women who have been through such a traumatic thing feel - especially when it portrays them as some sort of looney/crazy baby snatchers when in reality im sure all they would want is their own child back.

    this is just my opinion and it doesnt seem im alone in my thinking. i think Eastenders has gone too far with this one and there is no way it is 'believeable' in the slightest or reflection of real life in anyway (yes, i know that isnt the point of soaps) but i think it was a mistake.

    Rant over.
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  • Seriously? You really think that that storyline would have been rumbling on for a good couple of weeks without anyone in the forum entitled baby being motivated to talk about it of their own accord????? :roll:
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  • There is a difference between highlighting real life issues and making a total mockery of them. The storyline does NOT give an actual reflection of what grieving parents suffer when they are met with such tragedy. I don't know a single mother who would abduct someone elses child and pretend it is their own when in that situation. I have never experienced SIDS, nor do I know anyone who has, but I am quite sure that any mother (or father) who does would want to grieve for their lost child, not steal someone elses and pretend that nothing has happened. To do what Ronnie has done shows she had no love for her son and merely wanted a baby for the sake of having a baby, irrespective of who it belonged to, it does not show that she had any love or feeling towards her baby as she would surely want to grieve the loss of her darling son?!

    I feel EE are taking the p*ss out of SIDS and are using SIDS as an excuse to invent another of their poorly executed, distasteful and highly ridiculous storylines and that in fact the SIDS side of it is just a sideline. In my opinion.

    Rant over.

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel
  • I back up the point about wanting own child back- I had a stillborn child a year ago so slightly different but I wanted (and still do) want him back not someone else's baby. I'm lucky enough to be due another child in few weeks but again this child can never replace the little boy we lost let alone bringing up some random one we swapped him for- it's just a stupid and insulting storyline, I don't believe grief would manifest itself this way personally.

    I usually love EE but not been watching any of it last 2 weeks both as a matter of principle and because it is too close to home.
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