Teeth brushing - might be a stupid question!

Like I said, it might be a stupid question, but when do you start brushing your baby's teeth? The obvious answer is as soon as they come through, but I'm really asking if it's necessary to brush/rub toothpaste around the gums once they're on solids? Is it only once there are teeth for the food to collect in that bacteria develop?

I'm on my second baby but my first had teeth before he was weaned so this is new to me - it doesn't seem right giving dd three proper meals a day, and not 'brushing her teeth' before bed (eve though she doesn't have any!)


  • DS had teeth before weaning so didnt really have this problem. I should think it's ok to wait until little one actually had teeth?? You could always ask your HV, they'd be much better clued up then me, lol
  • I was recommended by my hv to start rubbing a clean flannel onto their gums before the teeth came and brushing starts as this gets them used to having something rubbed around their mouth and gums so you could start doing this to get lo used to the process
  • My hygienist told me to start brushing morning and night as soon as they have teeth. She said the main reason at first is to promote the routine in the child long before adult teeth come in. Also was told to brush the gums so I assume that once you start weaning you would start brushing teeth or no teeth.

    Sorry not much help as ds1 had teeth before weaning but I plan to brush ds2 when he has teeth or when he starts weaning what ever comes first.
  • i have always been told its not necessary until teeth are through the gums so as soon as the first one is through really and get them used to it. We're 6.5 months and none yet.

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