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I am finding out that local nurseries have limited places or waiting lists for a place in 9 months time.

Background: My LO is 3 months old and I have to go back to work when she is 1 year old. The problem is that there is a possibility that we may move area before I go back to work but dependent on whether the house sells. If I reserve a place at a nursery in my local area and then move, therefore do not take up the nursey place, then it sounds like I will lose the deposit (one month fees) which is a lot of money that we can't really afford.

The question: What is people's experience in finding a nursery place last minute (i.e. a month or two before going back to work)? Do I just risk it (i.e. that a last minute one will become available) or is it ridiculous and I should secure a place and accept that I will lose the deposit if we move?

Thanks in advance!!


  • Can you look at a nursery close to your workplace instead?

    We got DD into a nursery with no wait, but it was a new one that had just opened.
  • Thanks Maenad - that is a third option. Ideally would prefer not to to give flexibility of hubby doing pick ups/drop offs (his work is in opposite direction and one hour away from mine) when I have to be in early/work late. But it is definitely worth considering as a short term solution. Decisions, decisions...
  • That deposit sounds hefty, too. Is there a choice of local nurseries? Do they all charge such an unreasonable deposit? If there's a wait list it's not like they're losing out if you decline a place when offered, they just move down the list, so that sounds bit shady to me. DD's nursery offered free settling in sessions and first week free, we just paid a week in advance, we didn't ever pay a deposit.
  • I know I thought that too....seems like a money making ploy. I'm going to check that that's definitely the case tomorrow but that is what the handbook says. I'm also going to do some more ringing around different nurseries to see if I can open up my options. It sounds like you have found a great nursery!
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