still not sleeping through at 7 months

hi ladies.

Pls someone tell me where i am going wrong?!?

Emily is 7 months in a couple of days and i can count on one hand the number of times shes slept through. Its really wearing me down, esp as i still get up with her brother who is 2 1/2. He wakes up once but she never wakes at the same time (they are in the same room) She goes down at about 7.30 and wakes at 11pm, 2am and we are up from 5am. She has 2 solid meals a day and snacks in between. she takes 3 x 7oz ff per day. The only thing that gets her bk off at night is milk but she'll only have a couple of oz and goes bk to sleep. She obviously dosnt need it. Should i try goodnight milk?


  • I cannot help at all im afraid, but just to say that my LO is 7 and a half months and doesn't sleep through either, she has 3 meals a day but I cannot get her to take much milk. The last 2 nights I have had to rock her to sleep at midnight and 5am because I just do not know what else to do! We have a pretty good routine during the day but it makes no difference.

    Sorry, I know that is no help but you are not alone. xx
  • Firstly it isn't necessarily anything you are doing 'wrong'. Not all babies sleep through, babies are individusl.

    Have you thought of giving a dreamfeed? When will you be going up to 3 meals a day?

    I used a dream feed until James was about 10 months, as he started waking early and wanted a bottle about 4 am. Sometimes he'd still wake for it, but think some of it was habit, sometimes it was a growth spurt.

    Does lo drain the bottles? James was on 6 bottles of milk when he first started taking 3 meals a day, then I dropped the 11am one. I only dropped the dreamfeed because we had stopped giving him milk while he had gastroenteritis, so it was clear he didn't need it to sleep through.

    You can try changing the milk/food pattern. But I'm afraid it might not be that, and some children never fully settle at night. HTH. xx
  • I must praise the dreamfeed!!! I never thought Sophia would sleep through, she was as regular as clockwork with her 3am and 5am feeds!!! The dreamfeeds did not go to well for the first three attempts, after that it worked a charm!!! It took about 5 days for her to forget about the 3am feed and about a week and a half to stop waking at 5am!!!

    She now has her last feed about 8pm (by her sleeping in she moved her bedtime later), me or hubby feed her between 11 and 11.30pm and she sleeps until 6.30am and if she resettles which she usually does she can go down until 9am!!! Never in a million years would she have done that without the dreamfeed!!!

  • My lo is nearly 11 months and has just started sleeping through (7pm until around 4am if I'm lucky). She used to wake around the same times as your lo?

    The only things that I did were to stop giving her milk when she wakes, give her water, I used to take smaller and smaller amounts of milk with me for the night until she was having none. I hasten to add it didn't help her sleep better tbh. I tried cc, I tried pupd, I tried goodnight milk (she still drank the same amount!) and sadly a dreamfeed never worked for me either so I've tried most things and nothing has worked until she has decided to do it for herself I'm afraid?

    Sorry image
  • I've no real advice as such except to back up that each child is different so don't be blaming yourself- my daughter only started sleeping through at 18months and even now at 24 months it's not every night she goes 7-7 and I don't remember the last time she had a nap in the afternoon.
  • Hi G/c from toddler!

    You're not doing anything wrong!!! like others have said all babies are different and not all sleep through early. My son didn't sleep through the night until 11 months!

    He's now nearly 3 1/2 and will still wake up once a night a few times a week!! so I sympathise with you with ds 2!!

    She does sound like she's waking out of habit for her milk tho, esp if she's not taking much before she drops off. You could try weaning her off milk at night and that might do the trick. Offer her some water instead and she should soon get fed up with it.

  • I agree with Morello and Claire-abelle. I would try offering water instead of milk.

    I did this at 7 months with my dd and she slept through the second night! Although she didn't consistently sleep through until about 8/9 months.

    I also agree you are not doing anything wrong, she will sleep through when she is ready to xxx
  • Mummies above have pretty much said everything I had thought of. Maybe if you're sure your LO doesn't need milk during the night, try a dreamfeed then if that doesn't help then try just giving her water instead of milk during the night. This way she will realise there's nothing to wake up for and probably stop soon enough. Tough love but it works.

    I must echo what the others have said though, not all babies sleep through at 7 months - mine's 11 months and has only slept through once!

    Don't stress and everything will fall into place for you all. xxx
  • i would give dreamfeeding a go and maybe go up to 3 meals a day, unfortunatley we are still not consistantly sleeping through and LO has just turned one :roll:
  • You are not doing anything wrong at all some babies just take longer than others, my lo is 14 months old and still doesnt sleep through, we did have a sleep trainer out at 11 months which helped much more because when she woke she woke for an hour at a time and now she still wakes up to 8 times a night (on some occassions) most nights its 2 or 3 times but I guess she is a light sleeper like me! :lol:
  • I tried a dreamfeed at 11.10pm last night. She woke at 2.20am and stayed awake till 3am. I must have jinxed it coz she usually goes straight off. Thankyou for the advice ladies and thanks to those who said im not alone, 2am can feel a very lonely time though can't it. I know all babies are different, just wish they were the sleeping kind, lol.

    I just feel a bit of a failure when it comes to nighttimes. DS3 who is 2 and a half still gets up at 3 o'clock for a grizzle and i have to lay next to his cotbed till he goes back to sleep. I still havnt taken the side off because i know it'll make him worse and he'll be in bed with me every night! DS2 didnt sleep through till he was 3 either but that was mostly medical problems waking him. DS1 slept through from 8 weeks. Im so shattered most of the time. I love my boys and my baby girl so so much I just dread going to bed coz I know how much broken sleep i'll get.

    I will try adding a small meal to the day see if that helps and also try again with the dreamfeed. Thanks again ladies xx
  • Hi Junniemummy,

    Did not want to R&R. Poor you, you must be so tried. Although Olly is not as bad he does not go 7-7, although he did when he was younger. He doesn't wake in the night but does wake as early as 5am at times. Since he has teethed though he has been sleeping a little bit later 6-6.30am, which has been great!! If I remember correctly babies naturally come into light sleep around 5am and I do think it was his teeth that were keeping him awake. He certainly isn't hunger becasue I can leave him happily talking away in his cot for up to an hour sometimes. I did used to try feeding him and it was hit and miss, sometimes he would have a bottle and others would refuse it. Olly is now on 3 meals a day and I'm starting snacks with him too. He has 3 bottles aday and has never taken to having a dream feed. I do think that he is trying to drop to 2 naps a day form 3 and I'm hoping this will mean he will start sleeping just that little bit longer. I read posts of people who's little one's wake 7.30-8am and I'm so jealous lol! Hope she starts to sleep better soon

    Let me know if you fnd anything that works hun.

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