Early morning wake-ups...

Hi ladies,

Benjamin is 9 months old, and has recently started sleeping through (hallelujah) - he goes down at 7pm and sleeps till anywhere between 4.30-5.30am. He then wants up for the day. The sleeping through is amazing & makes such a difference, I just wish he would sleep until 6am...

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it just sort itself? Is there anything you've found that helps?




  • Can't help because James went through this, but he was hungry and would resettle. But some babies do sort it out themselves I believe. xx
  • Hello x

    My lo use to take a bottle between 4-5am and I gradually gave her the comforter/dummy instead and managed over a week or so to move this feed to 6-7am - maybe this is something you could try to at least move it along a little bit to a more sociable hour! lol.

    Am lucky (and know it) that my lo has her feed between 6-7am, gets put back down again and sleeps till half 8/9 am! good for a lazy mummy that hates mornings lol (go back to work this month though, shock to the system!!)


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