Hi ladies,

i'm just after a little bit of advice please, I want to take my 13 week old daughter swimming but I have no idea on what type of swimming costume is best? I have heard that you can get wrap around velcro suits that will allow them to stay in the water longer but i'm not sure if I should go for one of these or a normal swim suit with a float vest over the top? it's a bit of a mind field so I thought that you may be able to advice me on names of brands and which you feel are the best, also can I just use any type of swimmind nappy like huggies or do swimming pools tend to dictate which ones can be used, is there a particular nappy that you would recommend? I'm sorry if this sounds like a silly question but I really have no idea and I can't really afford to go out and buy the wrong type of costume etc.

thanks for you help xxx


  • I tend to use the buggies swimming nappies but you can also buy a reuse swimming nappy pant which my sil used.

    As for suit I have a full body suit ( long arms, legs and up to the neck) like a wet suit as I found this keeps him warmer and is great on holidays to stop sun exposure. A friend however does have a body warmer vest which has worked for her.

    Sorry hope this helps
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