First AF after having baby - is this normal?

Hi ladies


If you are squeamish please do not read the rest of this post.

I have just started my first AF after having DS2 6 and a half weeks ago and it's as heavy as the blood loss when I had him! I can feel it coming out and it gets worse the more I move about. My lady garden is aching like someone has kicked me in it repeatedly for several hours and I have bad stomach ache as well. I just went for a bath and had to get out after 5 monutes as I started bleeding in the bath, which I have never done before.

Is all this normal? I don't remember it being this bad after DS1. It is literally the same amount of blood as I was losing after I gave birth and I'm having to double up maternity pads in my pants!

I'm going to docs tomorrow for a different issue so will mention the bleeding, but just wanted to know if anyone else has been this bad as I am getting a bit worried.

Thank you, and really sorry for the TMI.

Sam, Harrison & Daniel



  • Hi mine was really unpleasant after having H, it was also about 6 weeks after and I had to wear a pad and a tampon at the same time and change really often. Also had the same with N so I guess its just your body getting back to normal.

  • sounds exactly like me when mine they came back after DD. and it lasted something like 10/12 days too, was utter hell on earth tbh and properly freaked me out! but since then all back to normal. the wonderful things pregnancy does to our bodies eh!! :lol:
  • Thank you ladies, it's reassuring to know that others have been the same. I guess I just assumed it would be like a normal period and really didn't expect it to be so heavy.

    Lottie- I am also having to change very regular, even with maternity pads.

    Piepiesmum- I really hope this doesn't last as long as yours did, it's only been 24 hours and it's driving me mad already, don't think I could manage another 10 days of it :lol:

    thank you again for the reassurance

  • Sounds like mine as well. I was really shocked by it (had been blessed with quite light AFs pre-baby). Mine was so bad (again TMI!) that I had a bad incident with it coming through my clothes when I took DD for a short walk (it was about 30 degrees as well so wasn't the most pleasant of strolls!). Yummy mummy? I think not!

  • I know what you mean about the clothes, I'm terrified to go out cos it keeps going onto my knickers and worried it soaks through to my trousers. Hoping it settles down over the next few days.

  • I've heard of lots of people having the same as this, one of my friends went to A&E as she was so concerned but they said it was normal.

    I had very heavy blood loss after birth and bled for 6 weeks straight so my first AF wasn't too bad. x
  • I did think about going to a&e as well but thought I would get advice from you ladies first. Seems it is quite normal though so will just have to sit it out I suppose.

  • i hope it doesn't either probably wont i'm guessing, i only bled for 10 days after having DD so i think it may have lasted that long for me due to that. hope it goes away soon and you're back to normal from now on hun xxx
  • I'm just waitin for the on call doctor to ring me regarding coming to see me. I spoke to nhs direct and cos I'm having to change a maternity pad every hour and a half they said to see my gp.

  • i had that too, used tampons and pads at the same time and sat on a black towel on the sofa as was so worried about leakage (sorry!). I think its normal but if you start to feel faint, contact your GP x
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