20wk old re-waking for feeds at night time - Help :-(

Hi Ladies

My beautiful ds is now 20+4. Up until around 10-14days ago he was a lovely little sleeper, going down around 7pm and waking for a feed at 5ish before catching a few more hours.

However, since christmas, he's started waking every 3hrs on the dot for feeds and I don't know why?

A few suggestions from the lovely ladies in my BIS forum have been:

- his 16wk growth spurt is still taking place

- he may be teething? its possible as he's chomping on his fist like no tmw, dribbling for England and has had a sore bum

- he may be ready for weaning?

I don't mind the extra feeds its just taking its toll on me as i'm shattered and ebf which means its all on me really.

I did want to hold for weaning until 26weeks but if thats what he needs then of course i'd do it.

Or could it be something else? I know it sounds incredibly selfish but i'm shattered and just want to know theres light at the end of the tunnel and he'll go back to sleeping properly again.

Thanks ladies



  • I think your baby sounds like he is getting ready for weaning, do you know roughly how many oz is he taking during the night and how much does he weigh?

  • Hi LottieNH

    No unfortunately not as he's breastfed so i've not a clue how much he's taking. He has a full feed at bedtime and its more snaking during the night time, definately not from both sides or for as long as his nighttime/daytime feeds.

    I'm getting him weighed today but he was 15lbs 3oz at 17wks at his last weigh in.

  • It could be hunger, but that doesn't have to mean he's ready for weaning - breastmilk is enough nutritionally until 6 months, but doesn't take into account hunger, some babies are hungry and will need weaning before 6 months. However, if you can keep up with his increased demand for food with just breastmilk, there's no reason why you shouldn't do that if you'd prefer not to wean him yet.

    It could also be a growth spurt - in which case you don't want to start weaning him yet.

    Sorry, not mush help, but personally I'd try to go with it for a little while and see if it passes, or if he really does seem more hungry, and whether you can keep up with it, then make a decision about weaning. Night waking at 4 months is very common.

    That said, I started weaning my eldest at 21 weeks - 17 weeks is the minimum recommended so don't feel guilty if you think he needs it now - trust your instincts x
  • Sorry, no advice but I've just posted about something similar, my lo is 18wks old and for the last week has started to wake around 12.3/1am for a feed and it's also taking its toll on me. She previously mainly slept through, with the odd 4am feed every few days. She is also feeding for at least an hour when it had been about 20mins. She seems constanty hungry. It's been suggested to me that it might indicate weaning but I'm not sure if it's a growth spurt. I think I'm going to carry on with it for a bit, but also thinking about introducing formula feed before bed as I'd heard that it can fill up for longer. x
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