Did anyone use hypnobirthing?

HI ladies,

I'm gatecrashing from DIM, hope you don't mind. I'm thinking of starting hypnobirthing classes and I was just wondering if anyone had used it and found it good.

The classes are quite pricey, but if it's worth it I'm willing to pay. I just wanted some experiences to help decide.


Rach x


  • Sorry duplicate post - BE acting up!!
  • I did NCT classes and my NCT teacher was very pro-hypnobirthing so gave us some techniques to use. I was going to do a course but I ran out of time.

    I think you really have to be very, very dedicated if you want it to work. I read the book and did the relaxation CD a few times but to be honest although I wasn't nervous at all about the birth, it wouldn't have helped at the time as I think you really need to work, work, work at it in order for it to have any effect.

    I may be wrong, but that's my point of view on it anyway. x
  • Completely agree with MrsKP. You have to be completely in the zone. I read the books, had the CD, etc but, on reflection it was a bit half hearted and when it came to it I had an epidural at 2cms (I kid you not!) x
  • Thanks for your help ladies,

    It seems that if you're going to do it you need to do the classes etc to get totally into it. Hmmm, I'm going to give it some thought as it's almost 300 quid!!


    R x
  • I did the course with DH. We did loads of practice and I'm confident everything would've been fine and it would've worked if my DD's birth was normal.

    Unfortunately she was B2B and I was in agony from the first contraction. I ended up having to have an epidural and a ventouse delivery. A million miles away from my peaceful, serene birth!

    Anyway, I still believe it can work providing there are no problems during labour and birth and will definitely be trying hypno-birthing again when I have the next one.

    I have used the techniques I learnt loads since having DD. The first few weeks were hard as she had reflux and trouble feeding. The breathing really helped calm her when she was having a wobbler and some of the visualisation really helped me when things got tough in the middle of the night.

    Definitely money well spent and I'd recommend it if you can afford it, even though I didn't actually have a 'hypo-birth'.


    B x
  • I used hypno nirthing though like monkey nuts I didn't have the natural labour I wanted as I was induced. However I did find the techniques very useful to keept up PMA and it made me very relaxed so what could have been a traumatic birth was actually very relaxed. I have used visulisation in the past to help with sport and am a big believer it works. Good luck hope it works for you.
  • I bought the natal hypnotherapy CD on the recommendation of a friend, although I didn't use the course. I listened every day from about 35 weeks (I was a bit late starting) and although I didn't have a pain free birth, I was really relaxed throughout most of my labour and found some of the visualisation stuff really helpful.
  • Hello,

    thought Id add my experience as I was lucky enough to be offered free hypnobirthing classes at my local birthing centre when I had my little girl in Sept 09. I found it helped me so much and although yes you do have to do alot of practising I didn't feel as though I did as much as I could have done and still managed to 'get in the zone' so to speak!

    I had a straight forward birth at home and it was my first and I dont think I could have managed had I not done it. Feel free to read my birth story as think it should still be on here under Born in Sept09.

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