Sleeping in the day

Should I be putting my 7 week old down for a nap at a particular time? At the moment I let him nap when he is tired, which (if we are at home) is about 15 minutes in the morning, about half an hour to an hour after lunch/early afternoon, and then about two hours late afternoon/early evening. All these naps are on a cushion or in his bouncy chair. If we go out in the car or pram he sleeps then too. My concern is that his longest sleeps are early evening - which means I can't get him to sleep for bed until about 10pm. But he isn't tired earlier in the day - so how am I supposed to make him sleep?!


  • It's so tricky isn't it but at 7 weeks I would definitely let him dictate nap time. We didn't start implementing set naps in her cot until my LO was about 5 and half months. Could you maybe bring his bedtime forward so that one of his later 'naps' becomes his night's sleep? I know it's not that straight forward but thought it was worth suggesting! x
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