Can I have a hug?


My baby is 17 weeks and is sooooooo challenging at the moment. She is in no way a contented little baby, she shouts for attention the whole time she is awake. She has recently found her voice, and literally shouts all day. She got up at half 7 today, after being up at 5.30am for a feed, and hasn't really had a sleep since. I took her out for a walk after her bottle at 10 ish, and she dozed for 20 mins or so, and had another 20 mins this afternoon, but has just grumped or cried the rest of the day. If I leave her to cry for more than a minute, she throws up.

After trying to get her to sleep for the last hour she has finally conked out, but for how long, who knows - she's through in her cot, and it's warm, dark etc.

I know she is only this ratty because she hasn't had enough sleep, but I have been battling for so long, it's time for the next bottle!

OH has been in bed with flu the last few days, so I've had her 24/7 and I'm just exhausted. Usually he does bath time and bedtime, just so I get a bit of time to myself. I'm going to bed at 9.30pm, as I'm so tired. She is such hard work sometimes! Other babies seem so much more relaxed!

Sorry, just a bit of a moan, I'm just feeling a bit down at the moment. Xxx


  • Oh poor you. Sometimes it seems like it's relentless, doesn't it? She might be getting a wee bit big now but do you have a swing? Mine was my foolproof way of getting her to nap until she was about 5 months. Sending you a cyber hug chick x
  • Ahhh BIS buddy - you aren't alone.

    I think they must be going through a phase because Theo is 17 weeks today and has been ratty and miserable at times.

    I know he is tired. He knows he is tired... but he won't sleep?! Raaahhhh!!!

    ((((((HUGS)))))) to you, it won't last forever and she will be her bright, bubbly, smiley self again.

    Could she be teething? Or feeling a little under the weather? There is a lot going around xxxxxxxxx
  • I really feel for you, my daughter used to throw up if I let her cry for any longer than a few minutes (all over her pram once on the way to town - horrendous!) The whole tiredness/grumpy thing is a such a vicious circle. Does she take a dummy? Neve didn't have one and when I look back I think it might have helped.

  • You poor thing. I have had days like this and it just feels such hard work, but it does get easier. My little boy is 24 weeks now and I can honestly say the past 6 weeks have been a joy (Even though I was pulling my hair out before) I am quite a mean mummy and make sure he naps in his cot. To being with he would not sleep, but it still helped me have 10 mins to myself. Now within 5 mins he is asleep. Its so hard trying to get some routine in place but it will happen, I got so stressed about it but it happened on its own. Good luck hun and feel free to post when you are feeling a bit down as we will all often advice of just some sympathy. Let us know when things improve. xxxx
  • Thanks lovely ladies. She slept for about 20 mins and got up and grumped. She was shattered but just didn't want to sleep! I took her into the kitchen in her chair and she watched me cook tea, and I can reheat it later. Had a good bath, and then a nice bottle, with her telling me lots of stories, which was lovely! A much better end to the day!

    She's sound asleep now, so I'm off to reheat tea, and relax on the sofa.

    She is teething, so dribbles all the time, and has her hand in her mouth the whole time. Poor wee sausage. The only thing that seems to help is calpol, but she hates it, and spits it out! She's such a feisty wee thing!

    Thanks ladies, your support is amazing xxx
  • I think sometimes, the fists just don't cut it do they??

    They can never seem to fit enough fist in to chomp on!!!

    Pleased the latter part of the day was better for you both.

    Hope this grizzly stage passes soon eh??!! xx
  • Glad she settled down for you Ruckie x
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